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Memories of Joseph Amatuccio

Family friend remembers him as a 'cute little boy'

I knew Joey when he was a young boy. His father, Jimmy, was the manager of my father's butcher shop in Bayside. (The two men were friends since the 1950s).

Joey and my younger brother were about the same age, so the 2 fathers would get the boys together to play. Joey was a really cute little boy and he and my brother always had a great time together.

I was very saddened 10 years ago when I heard he died in the towers. I was saddened again [March 7] when I saw the article about him. I will always picture him as a sweet little boy running around my house.

Just as an aside, the first tomato sauce I ever made from scratch was Jimmy's wife's recipe. Jimmy always raved about her sauce and she was nice enough to write out her secret recipe. It was as good as Jimmy said.

My father, Irving, told me he saw the article, too. He remembered Joey as a sweet kid who would come to his store with his dad. After Jimmy died, Joey was a big help to his mother and helped take care of her.

My father, brother, sister and I send you and your family our deepest condolences.

Candy Brendler-Corapi, Rockville Centre

A neighbor's memory

We were neighbors of Joe and his family for about 8 years or so -- we vacationed with them on many occasions. He has a wonderful family and he is greatly missed. I remember him getting on stage dressed as a woman at Club Med for one of their shows - what a hoot -- we miss you King Joe! XOX

Antoinette Lopes

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