Friend: He was 'nicest guy'

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Kevin's wife and I were new teachers working together many years ago. When Kevin and Beth were newlyweds, Kevin wanted to get Beth a new car. In order to do that he needed to sell his car which was a Honda Civic hatchback with a 5 speed (Beth couldn't drive a stick shift). I was in the market for a "real" car with heat and air conditioning (a first ever for me) so I bought Kevin's year old car with 30,000 miles on it and drove that car for the next 10 years putting 186,000 miles on it. And then I sold it! I have never forgotten Kevin. He was one of the nicest guy's I've ever met. News of his passing has never left me. To me he symbolizes all of the incredible people who lost their lives due to this horrible act. I wish Beth and Kevin's children and family, a life of continued love, hope, and peace.

Steve K., Glenwood Landing