Sisters Chris Tabaczka of Michigan and Victoria Hover of Louisiana met in New York this weekend, not for a family getaway, or a chance to be tourists, but to commemorate and remember.

"I wanted to be with New Yorkers," said Tabaczka. "I really saw the best of what American spirit is that day. I'm here to celebrate all the miracles from that day."

The sisters sat together in Times Square watching the news coverage on a JumboTron, sporting matching ribbons commemorating the attacks.

They planned to venture to Ground Zero later in the day and also to stop by a firehouse or two. And they already had tickets for a visit to the newly opened memorial.

As they sat, watching children read the names of loved ones, others posed nearby for tourist photos. The women shook their heads and smiled.

"That's what New York is all about," Tabaczka said.

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Hover, who lived in New Jersey 10 years ago, moved to Louisiana three weeks before Hurricane Katrina, which, she said, had become a "forgotten moment."

In New York, she said, she was better able to commemorate and "celebrate the best of people."