The Museum of the Moving Image is at 36-01 35th Ave., in Astoria. It is a fun place for people of all ages to study images that went from still pictures to moving images. They call it a moving image museum because it shows the history of movies and how movies changed over years. A movie is an image. Actually, it is thousands of pictures put together to make one. Or it used to be.

The Moving Image Museum is hands-on. It is a place where kids can observe the history of movies and pretend to be in one. On the second floor, there is a place where kids can look at different types of movies and play games in an arcade. You also can pretend to be a character. You go up to a mirror and program where your shoulders and arms are. Then, you select a character. You can choose to be Dorothy, Morticia Addams (from "The Addams Family") or any number of others.

Next year, a new exhibit is coming. In 2015, the Museum of the Moving Image will have the work of Jim Henson on permanent display. This will have more than 200 puppets! That includes Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Elmo and more. The Museum of the Moving Image will have Jim Henson's doodles, sketches and scripts. There also will be behind-the-scenes videos.

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They have workshops there, too. If you participate, you will learn about different objects from shows and movies. In one class, you can make your own bendable sculpture out of clay and take stop-motion pictures of it. This makes an animation. In another class, they teach you how to make flip books. These workshops are educational and for all ages.

If you go, you will have an amazing experience. They have enrichment programs for after school. It is also a great place to have birthday parties. Overall, the Museum of the Moving Image is great for families. For more, visit the website