ELIZABETH - A suspect led police on a chase from Clark to Elizabeth before crashing, and was pulled out of the wreckage just before it burst into flames.

The Union County Prosecutor's Office says the suspect was allegedly engaging in credit card fraud at the Target store on Central Avenue in Clark. As the suspect drove away from that scene in a Ford Taurus, he drove head-on into a police car.
When the officer approached the car, the suspect drove toward him and narrowly missed hitting him, authorities say. 
The officer fired a shot into the passenger side of the car and a chase began. 

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Officers followed the suspect to Elizabeth, where his car stalled and crashed into a street sign. 

The suspect was arrested as neighbors on West Grand Street looked on. "There were about four police officers reaching in and pulling him out," says Jane Catarino. "And as they were taking him away, the whole front end of the car burst into flames."

Investigators are collecting evidence at both scenes. Two officers involved in the chase were taken to the hospital as a precaution.  

The prosecutor has not identified the suspect.