Amazon Toys hot list: What's new this month

By Ian J. Stark

If you're looking for new toys for your kids -- or a gift for a child's birthday party or holiday -- check out what's the most popular, best-selling toys on this month....

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If you're looking for new toys for your kids -- or a gift for a child's birthday party or holiday -- check out what's the most popular, best-selling toys on this month.

Aolige Squishies: Slow Rising Unicorn

Photo Credit: Aolige

Made of slow-rising foam, this decompression toy smells like cream but it's not edible, and it's fragile so keep it away from tearing fingers; $11.99 at

GiBot palm-grip crayons

Photo Credit: GiBot

Designed for toddler hands, these crayons are easy to hold, non-toxic and washable with hand soap; $9.97 at

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Series 2 blind bag

Photo Credit: LEGO

Each package contains one of the 20 characters available from this collection; $3.99-$7.16 at


Play-Doh: Starter Set

Photo Credit: Play-Doh

Contains four colors and nine tools; $6.29-$6.75 at

Unicorn cupcake toppers and wrappers

Photo Credit: NiceLife

Good for any occasion, this set includes 24 decorative cupcake toppers made with unicorn-inspired imagery and rainbow colors; $11.99 at

Pokemon Trading Card Game: “Necrozma” trainer box

Photo Credit: Pokemon

Learn the ways of the "Necrozma" Pokemon and its special abilities; $36.97-$39.95 at

Crayola "Mini-Twistables" crayons

Photo Credit: Crayola

Twenty-four crayons, each in a plastic barrel that shows how much is left, and comes in a vinyl pouch; $4.47-$5.32 at

Funko Pop Marvel: Black Panther "Shuri" Collectible Figure

Photo Credit: FunKo

"Shuri" is a collectible figure from Funko Pop Marvel's "Black Panther" set; $7.08-$10.99 at

Num Noms: "Snackables" Cereal Series

Photo Credit: Num Noms

This blind box has a mystery collectible tucked into a reusable cereal bowl, and comes with a magic spoon; $8.99-$13.34 at

Click N Play: 18 Piece Beach sand toy set

Photo Credit: Click N' Play

Not only does this set come with a bundle of things to use when playing in the sand, it's all done in bright colors which makes finding toys on the beach easier to accomplish; $10.98-$1299 at

LEGO Ninjago: "Lloyd, Spinjitzu Master"

Photo Credit: LEGO

A Ninjago "Lloyd" character is included in this set that gives builders and master builders alike a chance to practice such Lloyd moves as "The Leapfrog," "The Knockout" and "The Palm Spin;" $9.88-$14.57 at

Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol - Plush Pup Pals: "Ryder"

Photo Credit: Paw Patrol

"Ryder" is a character from Nickelodeon's "Paw Patrol" animated program, and as a "Plush Pup Pal" he's soft and cuddly; $8-$11.99 at

Cheeki Lemon Squishy toy

Photo Credit: Bekker

A textured, lemon-looking squishable charm, it has a sweet smell and is meant to crush as a stress-reliever; $7.51-$8.20 at

"Munch Mitt" teething mitten

Photo Credit: Munch Mitt

Keep your baby's hands safe from budding teeth and sharp fingernails away from tiny tongues and gums by putting your child's hands in these crinkly, colorful teething glove; $14.99 at

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: "Gladiator Hulk"

Photo Credit: Diamond Select

The "Gladiator Hulk" action figure from Diamond Select Toys features the iconic Marvel character as he appeared in the film "Thor: Ragnarok;" $31.70-$35.22 at

Crayola Colored Pencils (50-count)

Photo Credit: Crayola

This set of 50 colored pencils are pre-sharpened and perfect for adults who might feel like getting in on some coloring; $6.74-$7.95 at

Mochi squishy toys (20-count)

Photo Credit: YESONE

A set of 20 different soft and squishy mochi toys; $10.99 at

LEGO Minecraft: “Nether Portal” building kit

Photo Credit: LEGO

This Minecraft setting includes a "Steve" plus "Blaze" and baby zombie "Pig Man" figures plus a "Ghats" fireball-disc shooter with other accessory elements; $31.99-$43.95 at

iBaseToy flying glider planes

Photo Credit: IBASETOY

These foam gliders are sturdy party favors meant to be tossed repeatedly, and come in a set of 24; $15.99 at

Funko Pop Games: Marvel-Contest of Champions "Venompool"

Photo Credit: FunKo

Scheduled for a Feb. 22 release, the Funko Pop Games "Venompool" collectible figure is from the : "Marvel: Contest of Champions" series, and combines characters "Venom" and "Deadpool" into one snarling hybrid anti-hero; $10.99-$14.99 at

Lego Brick Headz: "Valentine Bee"

Photo Credit: LEGO

This buildable bee with a seasonal style just right for Valentine's Day also comes with a calendar and can be mashed up with other "BrickHeadz" sets; $18.24-$20.30 at

LEGO Star Wars “Boba Fett” building kit

Photo Credit: LEGO

Boba Fett has been a star in the "Star Wars" cinematic universe for more than 30 years, and he appears here with a "Return of the Jedi" helmet, jet pack, flick missile and blaster rifle; $23.99-$36.55 at

Play-Doh "Burger Barbecue" set

Photo Credit: Play-Doh

The little chefs in your life can practice patty-making with this burger-inspired Play-doh barbecue set; $8.99-$14.99 at

Oonies Starter Pack

Photo Credit: Oonies

Includes enough pellets to make three designs, no glue or water is required; $14.65 at

LEGO Star Wars: “Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker”

Photo Credit: LEGO

Star Wars fans might recognize this buildable scene from the wild battle on the planet Crait from "The Last Jedi" film; $15.99-$22.95 at

Baby Alive: “Snackin' Luke”

Photo Credit: Baby Alive

"Luke" likes snacks so if your little one gets this doll, it's feasible to feed him with play snacks, and then change his diaper; $9.90-$10.73 at

L.O.L. Surprise!: Doll, Series Two

Photo Credit: L.O.L. Surprise!

Features a secret message sticker, shoes, water bottle charm and outfit among seven layers of surprises; starts selling Feb. 16. $29.99 at

Marvel's Black Panther: Legends series, “Erik Killmonger”

Photo Credit: Marvel

This six-inch action figure takes its inspiration from one of the bad guys from the Marvel film "Black Panther," and comes with accessories and "Build-A-Figure" parts; $16.99-$17.98 at

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500

Photo Credit: Nerf

This Nerf blaster gun comes with two flags and five rounds that fire at 90-feet per second; $17.99-$25.68 at

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi:" plush Porg

Photo Credit: Underground Toys

A cute creature who inhabits a planet in the "Star Wars" universe, this plush take on the Porg has flapping wings, moving face and it makes the character's signature screech; $ $24.99-$31.49 at

Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Racers: "Ryder"

Photo Credit: Paw Patrol

Ryder, the main human of the "Paw Patrol" puppy team appears here on a vehicle with working wheels for pushable fun; $6.98-$7.38 at

Syma X5C RC Quadcopter

Photo Credit: SYMA

Pilots can make it flip while it flies, or spy via its HD camera; $32.99-$33.99 at

Aolige Squishies: Cute Glasses Bear

Photo Credit: Aolige

This bear consists of slow-rising foam, made to be squished again and again, and has a creamy aroma to go with a cute face; $12.99 at

LEGO Star Wars: "A-Wing vs. TIE Silencer" Microfighters

Photo Credit: LEGO

Includes Kylo Ren and A-Wing Pilot minifigures, each with ships to pilot, just like they do in the "Star Wars" cinematic universe; $15.99-$25.99 at

Shopkins "Cutie Cars" Drive-Thru Diner playset

Photo Credit: Shopkins

Includes a Mini-Shopkin and an exclusive "Cutie Car," features a drive-thru, elevator and parking bay; $19.88 at

Beyblade Burst: “Lost Longinus Luinor” starter

Photo Credit: PrettyMy

Play against friends or take it to a tournament for some Beyblade Burst fun; $3.50 at

"Pin The Horn On The Unicorn" party game

Photo Credit: Fun Express

A unicorn-powered spin on the classic "Pin The Tail On the Donkey" game, includes 12 horns, unicorn and blindfold; $8.44-$8.54at

Funko Pop Animation: "Pickle Rick" collectible figure

Photo Credit: Funko

Fans of the Adult Swim series "Rick and Morty" will recognize this one-off alternate version of the show's mad scientist; $9.30-$10.14 at

Magic Tracks (As Seen On TV)

Photo Credit: Ontel

Take the tracks, snap it all together and curve it in any direction, then turn down the lights and watch the set glow; $18.67-$18.75 at

Num Noms "Snackables Dippers" series

Photo Credit: Num Noms

These blind bags each hold an unidentified "Dipper" collectible; $6.99-$11 at

Funko Pop Games: "Mercy"

Photo Credit: Funko

It's not going to be available until April 5, but this Funko collectible is already on the Amazon hot toys list, a blockheaded take on Mercy from the video game "Overwatch;" $19.99 at