Amazon Toys hot list: What's new this month

By Ian J. Stark

If you're looking for new toys for your kids -- or a gift for a child's birthday party or holiday -- check out what's the most popular, best-selling toys on this month....

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If you're looking for new toys for your kids -- or a gift for a child's birthday party or holiday -- check out what's the most popular, best-selling toys on this month.

Aolige Squishies: Slow Rising Unicorn

Made of slow-rising foam, this decompression toy smells like cream but it's not edible, and it's fragile so keep it away from tearing fingers; $11.99 at

GiBot palm-grip crayons

Designed for toddler hands, these crayons are easy to hold, non-toxic and washable with hand soap; $9.97 at

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Series 2 blind bag

Each package contains one of the 20 characters available from this collection; $3.99-$7.16 at


Play-Doh: Starter Set

Contains four colors and nine tools; $6.29-$6.75 at

Unicorn cupcake toppers and wrappers

Good for any occasion, this set includes 24 decorative cupcake toppers made with unicorn-inspired imagery and rainbow colors; $11.99 at

Pokemon Trading Card Game: “Necrozma” trainer box

Learn the ways of the "Necrozma" Pokemon and its special abilities; $36.97-$39.95 at

Crayola "Mini-Twistables" crayons

Twenty-four crayons, each in a plastic barrel that shows how much is left, and comes in a vinyl pouch; $4.47-$5.32 at

Funko Pop Marvel: Black Panther "Shuri" Collectible Figure

"Shuri" is a collectible figure from Funko Pop Marvel's "Black Panther" set; $7.08-$10.99 at

Num Noms: "Snackables" Cereal Series

This blind box has a mystery collectible tucked into a reusable cereal bowl, and comes with a magic spoon; $8.99-$13.34 at

Click N Play: 18 Piece Beach sand toy set

Not only does this set come with a bundle of things to use when playing in the sand, it's all done in bright colors which makes finding toys on the beach easier to accomplish; $10.98-$1299 at

LEGO Ninjago: "Lloyd, Spinjitzu Master"

A Ninjago "Lloyd" character is included in this set that gives builders and master builders alike a chance to practice such Lloyd moves as "The Leapfrog," "The Knockout" and "The Palm Spin;" $9.88-$14.57 at

Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol - Plush Pup Pals: "Ryder"

"Ryder" is a character from Nickelodeon's "Paw Patrol" animated program, and as a "Plush Pup Pal" he's soft and cuddly; $8-$11.99 at

Cheeki Lemon Squishy toy

A textured, lemon-looking squishable charm, it has a sweet smell and is meant to crush as a stress-reliever; $7.51-$8.20 at

"Munch Mitt" teething mitten

Keep your baby's hands safe from budding teeth and sharp fingernails away from tiny tongues and gums by putting your child's hands in these crinkly, colorful teething glove; $14.99 at

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: "Gladiator Hulk"

The "Gladiator Hulk" action figure from Diamond Select Toys features the iconic Marvel character as he appeared in the film "Thor: Ragnarok;" $31.70-$35.22 at

Crayola Colored Pencils (50-count)

This set of 50 colored pencils are pre-sharpened and perfect for adults who might feel like getting in on some coloring; $6.74-$7.95 at

Mochi squishy toys (20-count)

A set of 20 different soft and squishy mochi toys; $10.99 at

LEGO Minecraft: “Nether Portal” building kit

This Minecraft setting includes a "Steve" plus "Blaze" and baby zombie "Pig Man" figures plus a "Ghats" fireball-disc shooter with other accessory elements; $31.99-$43.95 at

iBaseToy flying glider planes

These foam gliders are sturdy party favors meant to be tossed repeatedly, and come in a set of 24; $15.99 at

Funko Pop Games: Marvel-Contest of Champions "Venompool"

Scheduled for a Feb. 22 release, the Funko Pop Games "Venompool" collectible figure is from the : "Marvel: Contest of Champions" series, and combines characters "Venom" and "Deadpool" into one snarling hybrid anti-hero; $10.99-$14.99 at

Lego Brick Headz: "Valentine Bee"

This buildable bee with a seasonal style just right for Valentine's Day also comes with a calendar and can be mashed up with other "BrickHeadz" sets; $18.24-$20.30 at

LEGO Star Wars “Boba Fett” building kit

Boba Fett has been a star in the "Star Wars" cinematic universe for more than 30 years, and he appears here with a "Return of the Jedi" helmet, jet pack, flick missile and blaster rifle; $23.99-$36.55 at

Play-Doh "Burger Barbecue" set

The little chefs in your life can practice patty-making with this burger-inspired Play-doh barbecue set; $8.99-$14.99 at

Oonies Starter Pack

Includes enough pellets to make three designs, no glue or water is required; $14.65 at

LEGO Star Wars: “Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker”

Star Wars fans might recognize this buildable scene from the wild battle on the planet Crait from "The Last Jedi" film; $15.99-$22.95 at

Baby Alive: “Snackin' Luke”

"Luke" likes snacks so if your little one gets this doll, it's feasible to feed him with play snacks, and then change his diaper; $9.90-$10.73 at

L.O.L. Surprise!: Doll, Series Two

Features a secret message sticker, shoes, water bottle charm and outfit among seven layers of surprises; starts selling Feb. 16. $29.99 at

Marvel's Black Panther: Legends series, “Erik Killmonger”

This six-inch action figure takes its inspiration from one of the bad guys from the Marvel film "Black Panther," and comes with accessories and "Build-A-Figure" parts; $16.99-$17.98 at

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500

This Nerf blaster gun comes with two flags and five rounds that fire at 90-feet per second; $17.99-$25.68 at

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi:" plush Porg

A cute creature who inhabits a planet in the "Star Wars" universe, this plush take on the Porg has flapping wings, moving face and it makes the character's signature screech; $ $24.99-$31.49 at

Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Racers: "Ryder"

Ryder, the main human of the "Paw Patrol" puppy team appears here on a vehicle with working wheels for pushable fun; $6.98-$7.38 at

Syma X5C RC Quadcopter

Pilots can make it flip while it flies, or spy via its HD camera; $32.99-$33.99 at

Aolige Squishies: Cute Glasses Bear

This bear consists of slow-rising foam, made to be squished again and again, and has a creamy aroma to go with a cute face; $12.99 at

LEGO Star Wars: "A-Wing vs. TIE Silencer" Microfighters

Includes Kylo Ren and A-Wing Pilot minifigures, each with ships to pilot, just like they do in the "Star Wars" cinematic universe; $15.99-$25.99 at

Shopkins "Cutie Cars" Drive-Thru Diner playset

Includes a Mini-Shopkin and an exclusive "Cutie Car," features a drive-thru, elevator and parking bay; $19.88 at

Beyblade Burst: “Lost Longinus Luinor” starter

Play against friends or take it to a tournament for some Beyblade Burst fun; $3.50 at

"Pin The Horn On The Unicorn" party game

A unicorn-powered spin on the classic "Pin The Tail On the Donkey" game, includes 12 horns, unicorn and blindfold; $8.44-$8.54at

Funko Pop Animation: "Pickle Rick" collectible figure

Fans of the Adult Swim series "Rick and Morty" will recognize this one-off alternate version of the show's mad scientist; $9.30-$10.14 at

Magic Tracks (As Seen On TV)

Take the tracks, snap it all together and curve it in any direction, then turn down the lights and watch the set glow; $18.67-$18.75 at

Num Noms "Snackables Dippers" series

These blind bags each hold an unidentified "Dipper" collectible; $6.99-$11 at

Funko Pop Games: "Mercy"

It's not going to be available until April 5, but this Funko collectible is already on the Amazon hot toys list, a blockheaded take on Mercy from the video game "Overwatch;" $19.99 at