The most interesting finds on Amazon for kids

By Ian J. Stark

If you click around Amazon, you’ll soon discover the “Interesting Finds” subsection, a breakdown of items that have standout appeal. The list updates daily, but for starters, here’s a lead on some of the cool, fun and occasionally weird kid-friendly products....

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If you click around Amazon, you’ll soon discover the “Interesting Finds” subsection, a breakdown of items that have standout appeal. The list updates daily, but for starters, here’s a lead on some of the cool, fun and occasionally weird kid-friendly products.

Waterproof HD digital video kids camera

Designed for children ages 3-8, this mini video camera can provide 1080P video and 5MP photo quality. Available in pink or camouflage, it's also waterproof and can be used to record while swimming or taking part in other activities; $32.99 at

Desktop basketball game

No full court necessary as this desktop game can be played just about anywhere. Good for one player or two, it has a built-in score keeper and doesn't require any power or charge; $17.77 at

Swivel seesaw

Recommended for ages 4-10, this seesaw is no simple up-and-down ride as the swivel lets it sweep from side to side. Good for indoor or out, it can handle up to 75 lbs. per seat; $49.95 at


Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Talk about a fun throwback--this game system has the look of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and come pre-loaded with 30 games including Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man, among other classic. Comes with one NES Classic Controller, an AC adapter and a standard HDMI cable; $84.81 at

Liquid motion 'bubbler'

Who needs batteries when you have gravity? This lava lamp-style toy is intended to provide kiddies with relaxing moments via bubbles that drop in a slow motion, doing so without a plug or a charge. Arrives in two colors; colors are selected at random by the company; $7.99 at

Brainteaser disentanglement game

Challenge your noggin with this twelve-stick puzzle that locks or unlocks a ball in its center. For ages six and up; $4.41 at

Damroo Drum

Drop a beat by hand on this drum that plays by the twist of a string. Stands around four -and-a-half inches high and three-and-a-half around; $12.95 at

Plush Buddies slippers

These soft slippers are fluffy and fun, with LED lights that flash in several colors, but no worries if you'd rather keep things dark as there's a hidden on/off switch as well. Battery included; $33.95 at

Maglev levitation globe

Much like the actual Earth in space, this globe floats on its stand by way of electromagnetism. Good for educational purposes, a unique gift or just a funky display item; $26.97 at


Crafted from harvested cherrywood, this figure can be manipulated, making it an action figure, transforming robot and toy puzzle; $28.30 at

Octopus plush toy

Available in purple, blue, hot pink, green and while, this squishy toy is one classy octopus--you can tell by his top hat and monocle. Great for birthdays and other gift-giving occasions; $15.99 at

Mustache rubber ducks

These duckies do what you'd expect--float on the water and make bath time fun. But unlike other rubber ducks you may have seen before, these birds have hipster mustaches across their bills; $10 at

RC roach

While remote control cars and planes are the norm, anyone looking for an offbeat toy to drive can operate this RC roach from as far as ten meters away. Includes control and batteries; $5.46 at

Translucent geometric shapes

Kids can play and learn at the same time with this kit that comes with 408 pieces (in seven colors) that allow for construction of triangles, trapezoids, circles and other challenging shapes; $29.99 at

Magnetic Blocks

Comes with 26 pieces for sticking magnetic building, its parts are hard plastic with magnets at each end. Intended for ages five and up; $23.99 at

Jumbo 4-To-Score

A giant-sized version of the familiar checkers-meets-tic tac toe game, this set is good indoors or out, and features an easy reset system; $299.99 at

TriceraTACO Taco Holder

This alternative to a flat plate allows you to serve others or just keep your taco steady. Even if it's not Taco Tuesday, the dinosaur-shaped holder looks cool on the table. It can also be used for sandwiches, waffles and other foldable foods; $12.95 at

Giant Inflatable Bowling Game Set

Good for outdoor or indoor fun, the 2-foot-high sand-weighted pins stand just firmly enough so they can be knocked down with the jumbo inflatable 18-inch ball; $13.97 at

Squishable Comfort Food Toaster Plush

A big, squishy breakfast-looking toy, this tart will get hugs from little ones all day; $38.99 at

Elli the Elephant Coin Bank

Kids can slide their coins into Elli's trunk as they build their savings in this charming piggy bank; $14.99 at

Build-On Brick Mug Coffee Cup

Kids can drink from this, but moms and dads can steal it for coffee breaks as well. Hand-wash only, it has a building surface compatible with several brands of bricks; $12.40 at

"Toy Story 3" Peas-in-a-Pod Plush Toy

This 8-inch plush toy brings the cute "Toy Story 3" character to the real world; $11.40 at

'Trolls:' 'Poppy' hair headphones

These headphones sport "Trolls"-style hair. They connect via an audio jack, offer an easy way to control volume and are adjustable for kid-size heads. Also available in "Guy Diamond" white $19.99 at

Giant Clam Hand Puppet

From the Folkmanis puppet company, this plush toy lets users control the shell, expressions and eyes by hand; $23.99 at

LEGO Lunch Box

Available in eight colors, this food-and-drink tote looks much like the brick after which it's designed, plus it's PVC-free and wipes clean with soap and water; $10.25 at

Flying Quadcopter Car Remote Control Car

Take to the air with this remote-controlled car that has quadcopter moves, including the ability to execute a 360-degree flip; $23.99 at

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Giving the youngest among us their first whirl at riding, this balance bike allows for steering and balancing without having to worry about pedaling. Intended for ages 18 months to five years, it weighs less than seven pounds and has puncture-resistant tires and toddler-sized grips; $119.99 at

Fly Young Hawaiian Beginner Ukulele

The ukulele is a small instrument -- a good fit for little hands -- and for wee ones learning to play. This toy can be tuned and has nylon strings suitable for hands of all ages; $25.99 at

Schylling Kids Accordion

One example of a series of kid-friendly musical instruments, it's recommended for ages seven and older, has realistic sounds and includes an instruction booklet; $24.99 at

Remote Control Centipede Toy

Who needs a remote-controlled car when you can roll out this creepy crawly at the click of a button? It goes forward, turns and features glowing eyes for added ickiness and easy find-ability; $9.99 at

Watermelon Beach Ball

This watermelon-styled inflatable also comes in "pizza," "eyeball," "donut hole" and "tears of joy emoji;" $9.99 at

Wildlife Artists: Lynx Plush Stuffed Animal Soft Toy

A fun twist on what constitutes huggable and loveable, this stuffed wildcat is more "cute" than "cougar;" $45.89 at

Pokémon Large Plush, Snorlax

This plush Pokémon is 10 inches tall and looks just as sleepy as the character; $29.99 at

Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

One of a series of food-inspired towels, this 5-foot-wide, machine-washable blanket works on the sand, at the pool or even at the bathtub; $24.99 at

Beach Behemoth Giant Beach Ball

Although it's too large for small kids, it's hard to imagine anyone not intrigued with this massive beach toy, which inflates to 12 feet from curve to curve. Made of vinyl with reinforced seams, it's designed to hold its air and be ready for play (you'll need an electric pump, though); $95.96 at

Climbing cargo net

This 30-by-96-inch net can hold climbers as heavy as 150 pounds and is made of durable half-inch rope; $59.99 at