Gifts for tweens and teens

Whether the young girls and boys in your life are into the latest electronics, video games, crafts, jewelry and more, we found great gift ideas for tweens and teens.

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Whether the young girls and boys in your life are into the latest electronics, video games, crafts, jewelry and more, we found great gift ideas for tweens and teens.

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Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit from littleBits lets kids become their dream superhero. Iron Man guides kids through making a high-tech gauntlet so they can step into training and create their identity. For ages 8 and older. Price: $149.99 at

Project Mc2 Slumber Party Science Kit

Concoct skin care products, from glitter body gel, sugar scrub, rainbow face masks, citrus hair spray and cucumber goggles with this all-in-one kit. The set comes with a face mask palette, two jars, mixing bowl and spoon, eye goggles, sugar scrub base, shimmer powder, mineral clay and more. Additional household ingredients are not included. For ages 6 and older. $29.99 at

Air Hogs Extreme Air Board

The  Extreme Air Board from Air Hogs can carve through the sky in paraglider mode or take off in stunt board mode. Do 720-degree spins, 360-degree barrel rolls, backside flips and more. For ages 8 and older. Price: $39.99 at


Cool Maker KumiKreator Bracelet Studio

Kids can create friendship bracelets with the Cool Maker KumiKreator Bracelet Studio from Spin Master. Simply spin the colorful spools in the machine to create 10 unique bracelet designs. For ages 8 and older. Price: $29.99 at

Cozmo Limited Edition

Cozmo is your robot sidekick with a big brain and an even larger personality. Program him using the cosmos app and watch him to do a victory dance, sneeze, play games with his three included cubes and more. You can play games with Cozmo too, and try to beat his robot wits. For ages 8 and older. Price: $179.99 at

Fizz and Bubble Unicorn Gift Set

The perfect gift for girls who love unicorns. This set comes with a variety of bath bombs, lip scrub and more. Price: $30 at

Vex Battling Boxing Robots

Once kids assemble the 380 snap-together pieces to build the Mock Rocker Bot, this self-stabilizing boxer is ready for a match. Kids can drive and control the bot's actions, from deciding when to left punch, right punch or double jab using the free Vex Pilot app. For ages 8 and older. Price: $89.99 (single), $149.99 (two-pack) at  

MojMoj Claw Machine Playset

The Moj Moj Claw Machine will bring the arcade to your home with its lights, music and arcade sounds. There are two modes of timed play for extra excitement and six mystery packs to win. For ages 6 and older. Price: $49.99 at

Voice Originals: When in Rome

This family board game is the first to connect with Amazon's Alexa device (sold separately). This travel trivia game allows players to visit new places and meet 20 real locals recorded from cities around the world who will ask questions about local customs, culture, street food and more. Alexa is the tour guide, scorekeeper and narrates the game. Players earn points by answering the questions right and scoring souvenirs. For ages 13 and older. Price: $29.99 at

What's That Smell?

The party game that literally stinks uses your sense of smell. Players who guess the scent correctly can outrank their friends and family. The game comes with 48 Mystery Whiff Cards, four Stank Cards and scent-barrier bags, six cardholders, Whiff Strips and score pad. For ages 14 and older. $19.99 at

Nintendo Labo Vehicles Kit

An interactive build-and-play experience combines do-it-yourself creations with the Nintendo Switch system (sold separately). Kids can build six Toy-Con, including a car, plane, submarine, two keys and a pedal. Use the key to play a variety of on-screen activities. Rated E for everyone. Price: $69.99 at

Game of Phones

Turn your smart phone into a game with friends. Draw a card from the deck and see which player can use their phone the fastest to create an emoji, show off the last photo taken or find an interesting Google image. The player with the most points wins. For ages 14 and older. $20 at

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20k blaster

The Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20k blaster from Hasbro allows kids to fire at a rate of eight rounds per second. It holds 200 high-impact rounds in its easy-load hopper. It comes with a rechargeable NiMh battery, charger, two flags and more. For ages 14 and older. Price: $199.99 at

Relative Insanity Game

Created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Relative Insanity from Play Monster is a game featuring bits of Foxworthy's material that players can mix and match to create wacky situations. One player reads the setup card, and the other players will decide which of their punchline cards they want to play. The game comes with 100 setup situation cards and 400 punchline response cards. For ages 14 and older. Price: $24.99 at

Tube Superstar

The Tube Superstar from Zuru makes creating videos easy. The microphone features a QR reader for on-the-go recording and editing, there are special features and sound effects, filters and live call-outs that can be added to any video. For ages 6 and older. Price: $24.99 at  .

Morfboard Scoot and Skate combination

The Morfboard Scoot and Skate combination from Jakks Pacific uses special technology to transform kids' play experience from skate to ride in seconds. Just drop the included Xtensions into the board, turn them 90 degrees and the flex trigger locks in place. Available in a variety of colors, it also includes front and rear skates, scoot Xtensions and a scoot T-bar with adjustable height and antislip grips. For ages 8 and older. Price: $99.99 at

You*niverse Cosmetics and Compounds Chemistry Lab

Learn about cosmetic chemistry with You*niverse Cosmetics & Compounds Chemistry Lab from Horizon Group USA. Create lip balms, sparkling perfumes and other glowing experiments. Kit includes ingredients, lab instruments and directions. For ages 6 and older. Price: $19.99 at

JoJo Siwa Bath Bomb and Soap Spa Kit

Pamper yourself with the Cool Maker JoJo Siwa Bath Bomb Spa Kit from Spin Master. Mix, press and twist six soaps and four bath bombs. Add scented coloring to make a single or multicolored bath bomb. Slip your JoJo-inspired creation into a bag and wrap with a bow gift tag, or invite friends over for an ultimate spa sleepover and use the bow sleep mask. For ages 6 and older. $19.99 at

Discovery Galactic Fizz Dig

Excavate six genuine gemstones by creating a fizzing reaction with Discovery Galactic Fizzing Dig from Horizon Group USA. Includes three Fizzing Digs with two gemstones in each, a mallet, a chisel, a magnifying glass for a closer look and instructions. For ages 12 and older. Price: $29.99 at

L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series Under Wraps Dolls

Eye Spy Under Wraps series includes 15 surprises including a spy glass, a secret message sticker, a surprise code, a bottle, a mystery disguise, shoes, accessories and more. Use the spy glass to find surprise clues and feed or bathe the L.O.L. Surprise doll to discover water surprises. For ages 6 and older. Price: $15.99 at

Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racking Track Set

Mattel's Hot Wheels Augmoto brings video game play and augmented reality to a physical racetrack. Use the AR technology as you complete laps and bring the cars to life with a loop of fire, oil spills, fireworks and special stops to recharge. It's also smart-device controlled, which is not included. Ages 8 and older. Price: $119.99 at

Sensors Alive

This science kit is an app-based video game in which kids can use light, sound, heat and other real-world sensor data collected from the environment to create an array of creatures. Kids can collect, play and care for their creatures in the app. For ages 8 and older. Price: $149.95 at

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Kids can build a Harry Potter wand and the first-ever Wizarding World STEM product, which responds to the wand's movements. It also teaches coding with more than 70 step-by-step challenges. For kids who already know how to code, the wand can be used to create their own art, music, apps and games, which can be shared in the Kano World app. For ages 6 and older. Price: $99.99 at

Lego Batman App-Connected Batmobile

This vehicle features two motors, an opening minifigure cockpit, four-wheel drive and two dual-stud shooters. Download the app to control the vehicle from a tablet or smartphone. The set also comes with a new Batman minifigure. For ages 8 and older. Price: $99.99 at

Air Hogs Supernova

Control the Supernova with your hands, and learn more than 30 moves and nine tricks. The drone features five motion-sensitive sensors, interactive LED light and more. For ages 8 and older. $39.99 at

Discovery Extreme Chemistry Lab

Kids can create fizzing and foaming eruptions, glowing worms, galactic spheres and more than 20 other experiments and chemical reactions with the Discovery Extreme Chemistry Lab set. For ages 12 and older. Price: $19.99 at


Boxer, an interactive robot from Spin Master, uses artificial intelligence to bring his personality to life. He comes with game cards, a ball accessory, a remote control and interactivity through gesture, sound and touch controls. Use the Boxer app for additional games and video tutorials. For ages 8 and older. Price: $79.99 at  

Thrill Rides Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set

The K'NEX Thrill Rides Bionic Blast Building Set comes with more than 800 parts, including U.S.-made Rods & Connectors, roller coaster track, coaster car, chain lift and stunning graphic panels. This set also introduces the first Ferris wheel coaster car lift. Use the K'NEX Ride It! app to ride this coaster in the virtual world using the included cardboard VR viewer. For ages 9 and older. Price: $99.99 at

Laser Battle

This outdoor or indoor laser tag game works by using infrared sensitive targets built into the guns and vests. The set comes with wireless target vests, a 15-second invisibility mode, built-in night vision flashlight, voice guided gameplay and more. Play with two, three or four teams; $74.99 for a set of two, $149.99 for a set of four at

Watermelon Smash

In this game from Yulu, a player fills the watermelon with water, spins the spinner, follows the indicated instructions and holds the watermelon against the head. If the watermelon cracks, the player loses. The game includes a watermelon, seeds for indoor play and a spinner; $19.99 at

Chow Crown Game

Turn snacking into a game with Hasbro's Chow Crown. Choose different foods and add them to the six hanging forks around the crown. Once the spinning crown is on the players head, he or she has to eat as many snacks as possible before the music stops. For ages 8 and older. Price: $19.99 at

Laser X Fusion

This system lets you customize your Laser X gear. The set includes two blasters, each with a 250-foot range, a long-range adapter that extends the blasting range to more than 500 feet, a spotting scope, a wide-range adapter, two receiver vests and more. For ages 6 and older. Price: $79.99 at

Sky Viper Scout Video Drone

The Sky Viper Scout Video Drone from Skyrocket features surface scan technology that increases stability, allowing the drone to stay in one spot. It works up to 100 feet, and includes an auto launch and land, one-touch stunts, extended flight time and the ability to stream and record HD video. For ages 12 and older. Price: $89.99 at


Play seated or standing, these game cabinets look and feel like classic arcades, with authentic controls, joysticks, trackballs and sounds. It also has a 17-inch screen for multiple players. No quarters are required to play. For ages 7 and older. Price: $399 at

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

The Prometheus MXVIII-20K lets you aim and fire at a speed of 100 feet per second. Choose the red or blue team with one of two included flags and take down your opponent while firing 200 rounds at a time. The blaster features a trigger lock, tactical rail and shoulder strap. For ages 14 and older. $199.50 at

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit

Build your customizable robot friend Vernie, program his behavior and complete fun activities with the included playmat. Vernie can move in all directions while sensing distance, responds to your voice with facial expressions, sees objects and colors and can launch darts from his shoulder-mounted shooter. You can rebuild Vernie to construct the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), Guitar4000, Frankie the Cat or the AutoBuilder. All are controlled by the free app. For ages 7 and older. Price: $199.99 at

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Build Hogwart''s Great Hall with this super detailed four level building kit, featuring a fireplace, benches, tables, reversible house banners, the sorting hat, the Mirror of Erised and many magical artifacts. The grand staircase tower can be built with a moving spiral staircase, full potions room and treasure room. Ten mini figures of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell with a dual Lord Voldemort face, Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore and nearly headless Nick are included. For ages 9 and older. $99.99 at

Fingerlings Hugs

Fingerlings Hugs from WowWee have extra-long arms perfect for hugs and cuddling. Kids can also swing them, pet them and rock them to sleep. Give them a kiss and they'll kiss back. The recording feature allows kids to record their own voices then throw the toy in the air to hear a funny remix of what they said. For ages 5 and older. Price: $29.99 at

Osmo Genius Kit

The Osmo Genius Kit turns your iPad into a hands-on learning tool. The kit includes five award-winning games that turn core subjects like math and spelling into a fun way to practice visual thinking, problem solving and drawing skills. For ages 5 and older. $99.99 at

Ozobot Bit Coding Robot

Bit is a pocket-sized bot for constructing early STEAM skills. Start by programming screen-free with color markers. Then, advance to OzoBlockly, a drag-and-drop code editor that is used with a computer or tablet. For ages 6 and older. Price: $59.99 at

Turbo Jetts

The Razor Turbo Jetts are electric motorized heel wheels that give a boost to any pair of sneakers. The wheels use a power control system that lets users ride at speeds up to 10 mph. It also comes with a hook-and-loop strap for a secure fit; $129.99 at

Hover-1 All Star Hoverboard

Riding up to 7.4 miles per hour and up to three miles per charge, you can go anywhere and everywhere with the Hover-1 All Star Hoverboard, a Walmart exclusive. The two driver motors can be controlled independently or with both feet, and the charger is easy to use with a Safety Shielded battery enclosure and water-resistant qualities. Plus, it comes with LED lights for added fun and style. Price: $148 at

Lost Kitties Blind Box Multipack

Find all five of the mystery Lost Kitties figures hiding inside the cartoon. The multipack also comes with 10 accessories and five meme stickers, all enveloped in a shaping compound that can be used to create things for the kitties. For ages 5 and older. Price: $19.99 at

Radio Control Polaris General ATV

Blast through the trails with the Polaris General 1000, which sports Polaris style details and a semi-open cockpit. A Walmart exclusive for ages 6 and older. Price: $19.88 at

Drone Force Terra-Sect RC

Navigate the ground, then activate the Drone Force Terra-Sect rolling attack and watch the device coil and ambush its target. The Tera-Sect can roll, flip and slither on all terrain. For ages 8 and older. Price: $29.97 at

Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint

Have the ultimate head-to-head laser battles with The Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint blaster. The blasters fire a single-shot IR burst with each trigger pull and tallies hits with lights and sounds. See your health and ammo status with the back display and easily reload with the quick-reload button. Use the Nerf Lasers Ops app to customize the blaster, track performance, earn power-ups and more. For ages 8 and older. Price: $44.99 at

Pirate Roller Coaster

All aboard this pirate adventure. This Pirate Roller Coaster from Lego will take you twisting around pirate-themed props such as a skull archway, palm tree, sunken galleon and octopus. Get splashed in the shark-themed carts as you plummet down the main drop and get struck by water-firing cannons. For ages 9 and older. Price: $89.99 at

Trail Buster RC

Rip through the trails with the Walmart exclusive Trail Buster RC. For ages 8 and older. Price: $49.97 at

Zoom Tubes Car Trax

Zoom up, down and all around this clear tube track with infinite configurations. Create your dream raceway, insert your Zoom Racer and use the remote control to send it around the fun track. For ages 5 and older Price: $29.99 at

Spark Ultra Scooter

The Spark Ultra will light up the streets. Featuring the brightest LED wheels of all Razor scooters and a Spark Bar that leaves a trail of sparks when stepped on. The scooter is completed with spark-inspired grip tape and a durable design that allows the scooter to be taken anywhere for years to come. For ages 8 and older. Price: $59.99 at