New board games the whole family will love

By Pamela Brill Special to Newsday

Looking to change up your board game night? Here’s a sampling of the newest offerings to hit toy store shelves....

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Looking to change up your board game night? Here’s a sampling of the newest offerings to hit toy store shelves.

Game Night in a Can

Photo Credit: Game Night in a Can

This all-in-one game night set comes with a mix of 30 creative challenges, games of skill and more. Some games include creating new animal species for Noah's Ark, competitively flying paper airplanes, drawing cat getting into trouble and more. $24.99. More information:

Soggy Doggy (ages 4 and up)

Photo Credit: Spin Master

Soggy Doggy from SpinMaster will have players trying their best to avoid getting soaked by a playful pooch as they race around the game board. Ages 4 and up. $19.99. More info:

Kingdomino (ages 8 and up)

Photo Credit: Blue Orange Games

Kingdomino from Blue Orange Games is a strategy game for the domino lover that loves to problem-solve. Ages 8 and up. $19.99. More info:


Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor (ages 10 and up)

Photo Credit: ThinkFun

Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor from ThinkFun brings the popular escape-room theme into the home, with an astronomic twist. Ages 10 and up. $21.99. More info:

Hearing Things game use lip reading

Photo Credit: Hasbro

The Hearing Things game is all about the challenge of reading lips. Players are divided into two teams. One player places the speech-cancelling headphones over their ears and does their best to guess the phrase on the cards by reading their teammate’s lips. Once the player guesses the phrase correctly, the teammate draws another card and keeps going until the timer runs out. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins. Game includes one set of headphones with built-in sounds and timer, 150 cards, and instructions. For 12 and older. $19.99 at

Speak Out: Kids vs. Parents Edition Game (ages 8 and up)

Photo Credit: Hasbro

Speak Out: Kids vs. Parents Edition Game from Hasbro uses specially-sized mouthpieces to communicate silly phrases that players must guess correctly. Ages 8 and up. $19.99. More info:

EXIT: The Game (ages 12 and up)

Photo Credit: Thames & Kosmos

EXIT: The Game from Thames & Kosmos requires solid problem-solving skills as players work together to find their way out of different locations, from an abandoned cabin, to a forbidden castle. Ages 12 and up. $14.95. More info:

Go Nuts for Donuts! (ages 8 and up)

Photo Credit: Gamewright

Go Nuts for Donuts! from Gamewright rewards players for scoring the most points in this delectable card game. Ages 8 and up. $14.99. More info:

Tumble Tree

Photo Credit: Blue Orange Games

The Tumble Tree game from Blue Orange Games is a balancing card-placement game. Players add cards to the ever-growing canopy of the baobob tree, but if the branches get overburdened they will fall. $12.99. More information:

Toilet Trouble Game

Photo Credit: Hasbro

To play the Toilet Trouble Game from Hasbro, players take turns spinning the toilet roll spinner, flushing the handle the allotted number of times and avoiding getting sprayed. The last player to avoid the surprise toilet spray wins. $19.99. More information:

Miss Bernard Is A Wild Card Game

Photo Credit: All Things Equal, Inc.

Game night just got a lot weirder "Miss Bernard Is a Wild Card," based on the "My Weird School" books. The game is full of sentence combinations, where players compete to score the most points by collecting cards in five categories to finish a funny sentence about one of the teachers. It features math, reading and strategy skills. Recommended for age 6 and older. $19.99. More information:


Photo Credit: Winning Moves Game

In the Sunk! game from Winning Moves Games, players must add drops one at a time to a cup floating in the water-filled Sunk tank while performing simultaneous tasks such as hopping on one foot. The player whose drop causes the cup to sink loses. $15.95. More information:

Pie Face Sky High Game

Photo Credit: Hasbro

This newest version of the popular Pie Face game, called Pie Face Sky High Game is inspired by carnival games and features a three-foot-tall face mask and pie slammer hammer. To play, one player stands behind the mask and another player winds up, swings the hammer and hits the target, which triggers a whipped cream pie toward the opponent’s face. Whipped cream not included. $24.99. More information: