Top Halloween costumes for kids

By Staff

The past year’s fads have become this season’s Halloween costumes.

Kids can dress as Black Panther and a variety of superheroes, Disney "Zombies" and other popular characters — not to mention avatars from hit video games like Fortnite.

Here’s a look at some characters sure to be doing the trick-or-treat tango this year....

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The past year’s fads have become this season’s Halloween costumes.

Kids can dress as Black Panther and a variety of superheroes, Disney "Zombies" and other popular characters — not to mention avatars from hit video games like Fortnite.

Here’s a look at some characters sure to be doing the trick-or-treat tango this year.

Marvel's Black Panther

Black Panther, AKA T'Challa, is more than just a Marvel super hero -- he's a king and a huge star these days, following his appearances in the latest "Avengers" film and his own tremendously successful movie. $29.99 at

Inflatable unicorn costume

This bright and shiny, four-legged unicorn costume is also an inflatable, making the outfit quite the puffy spectacle. $49.99 at

Disney's "Zombies": Zed

Zed is one of the stars of Disney's "Zombies" musical, and although a member of the undead is really a nice guy who'd rather play football than munch on anybody. $25 at


"Teen Titans Go!" Starfire

In adult comic books, Starfire is a powerful character, and while she's pretty tough on Teen Titans Go! her struggle to make sense of illogical humans around her make for some good laughs. $31.99 at

Fortnite Black Knight

Fortnite fans will recognize this outfit skin from Battle Royal one can gain as a reward from Tier 70 of the second season of Battle Pass. $49.99 at

Baby flamingo

Little babies are already cuties, but this faux fur flamingo costume is undeniably adorable. $21.99 at

"The Incredibles": Dash

"Dash" Parr, the speedy son of The Incredibles family, makes for a hot boy's costume this year following the success of the cartoon hero family's sequel film. $34.99 at

Kids Classic Diva Costume: LOL Surprise Doll

Little ones can be the "surprise" they want to be rather than just unwrapping and hoping to find the perfect toy. $34.99 at


The real horned whale is a massive sea beast, but your baby can hit the Halloween scene dressed like the arctic animal with a horn, shining eyes and a tail to wag. $29.99 at

Kids Unicorn Costume - JoJo Siwa

Young people are still loving the style of JoJo Siwa, and this costume combines her spunk with unicorn power. Kids can have Fortnite fun come Halloween while dressed as the pink Cuddle Team Leader, part of the Royale Hearts set. $44.99 at

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi:" Porg (toddler)

This cute-but-screechy creature from the latest Star Wars movie made quite the impression and is now up there with Ewoks as the adorable choice in costumery taken from the popular film series. $24.98-$50.38 at

Toddler Vampirina

It's hard to get more Halloween-ish than this toddler costume based on Vampirina Hauntley, the Disney Junior star lead of the show that takes its name from this character. $29.99 at

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom": Blue velociraptor

Unleash your inner dino from this "Jurassic Park" universe; a battery-operated fan helps make the wearer look tall, rough and puffed. $69.99 at

Fortnite: Tricera Ops

A red dinosaur costume for female avatars, it follows the game outfit with a hood, allowing the wearer to pretend to be part of the Dino Guard. $44.99 at

"Avengers: Infinity War:" Thanos

Perhaps the most powerful foe to ever battle The Avengers, Thanos can handle just about anything the Marvel superheroes can throw his way. $25.99 at

Disney's "Zombies": Eliza

Eliza is not so much a scary character from Disney's "Zombies" but instead a crafty hacker who's there to help her friends navigate life as undead teen zombies. $25 at

"The Incredibles": Baby Jack Jack

Baby Jack-Jack Parr is the youngest member of The Incredibles family, and possibly the most powerful. His super-young age makes him a super-fit for your baby's super-Halloween costume choice. $19.99 at

Kids Dark Unicorn Costume

Not all unicorns have to be sparkling and bright. This get-up has a bit of spooky Halloween personality. $44.99 at


Cuphead's look combines the style of early animation with independent video game attitude. The character is growing in popularity, making his likeness a solid choice for a Halloween costume. $34.99 at

"Trolls": Branch

"Trolls" have proven to be tremendously popular among kids these days, for their sly humor, supercool take on pop and dance music and, of course, their talented hair. This particular costume lets wearers play as "Branch," the sullen and cautious troll voiced by none other than Justin Timberlake. $20 at

LEGO classic red brick

Kids going for an original angle on their Halloween outfit can pass on the scary monsters and superheroes with this simple, yet cool representation of a classic LEGO brick. $33 at

Marvel's Spider-Man

One of the popular and recognized superheroes in history, your baby can dress as the iconic, friendly neighborhood webslinger and star of the Marvel Universe. $19.99 at

"PJ Masks": Owlette (toddler)

The female member of the "PJ Masks" team can see really far and fly super-high, so your toddler should have a blast while dressed in a costume inspired by Owlette's winged pink costume. $29.99 at

"Star Wars": Supreme Darth Vader

One of the baddest bad guys in the business, this supreme Sith Lord costume lets wearers trick-or-treat as the ultimate Star Wars villain. $39.99 at

"Ant-Man and the Wasp:" Ant-Man

Ant-Man was one of Marvel's superstars this year, with his successful sequel among the year's hit movies. This outfit lets kids dress as the shrinking (or growing) superhero with a sense of humor. $19.99 at

"Solo: A Star Wars Story": Han Solo

The dashing Star Wars hero finally got his own "solo" movie this year, introducing the world to the Millennium Falcon pilot's back story, making the character a fine fit for a fashionable costume. $29.99 at

"The Nightmare Before Christmas": Jack Skellington

He's the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, a living skeleton who combines spooky style and Christmas spirit. $29.99 at

"The Nightmare Before Christmas:" Oogie Boogie

This outfit based on the bad guy from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is an inflatable costume that comes with a battery-operated fan to help recreate his baggy, buggy look. $39.99 at

Overwatch: 'Soldier: 76'

Overwatch fans can dress as the quick and smart Soldier: 76, a cutting-edge and crafty virtual warrior. $44.99 at

Marvel’s “Ant-Man and The Wasp:” Wasp

This year's Marvel's "Ant-Man and The Wasp" movie gave on-screen life to the popular winged star of the Marvel Universe. A costume of her likeness can let wearers pretend to be the mighty Wasp while buzzing the neighborhood for trick-or-treat eats. $25 at

Henry Danger

Hit the Halloween scene as the sidekick to Nickelodeon's Captain Man, also known as Swellville resident Henry Hart. $39.99 at

'Alien Abduction' costume

The wearer will never be quite alone as it seems he or she is being scooped up by an attacking alien. $44.99 at


Transformed by a magic waterfall, the Unicornos went from simple ponies to enchanted creatures, and they make for a pretty magical costume as well. $29.99 at

Toddler Woodstock costume

Toddlers can trick-or-treat as Snoopy's bird pal, with this yellow costume sporting feet and a face just like the classic Peanuts character. $34.99 at

Baby Incredibles coveralls

The Incredibles are very big with the younger set this year, and these overalls let your baby look like a member of that super-duper Disney family. $24.99 at

Kids Armor Shirt Set - Minecraft

Kids who play Minecraft know the value of wearing armor in the game's virtual world, but in real life it makes for a heck of a cool costume. $29.99 at

Fortnite: Cuddle Team Leader

Kids can have Fortnite fun come Halloween while dressed as the pink Cuddle Team Leader, part of the Royale Hearts set. $44.99 at

DC's The Flash

The "Scarlet Speedster" is a star of the DC Universe, in comics, TV and most recently in the "Justice League" film. This Flash costume passes on the theatrical versions of the character, featuring his classic look from the comic books. $31.99 at

Kids Blue Light Up Inflatable Super Skin Suit Costume

This inflatable costume makes for a "swell" (or is it "swollen?") fun Halloween with bright colors and an anonymous face. $ 39.99 at

“Monster High”: Frankie Stein

This "Monster High" character is a tween/teen spin on the creature designed by the devious Dr. Frankenstein. It's got Halloween personality but fashion sense with a trendy skirt and matching top hat. $27.99 at

"Teen Titans Go": Cyborg

Not only is Cyborg a hilarious member of the "Teen Titans Go!" team, he's a serious and mighty part of the DC Universe, brought to life in the recent "Justice League" film. $35.99 at

"Ghostbusters": Slimer

This sloppy, slimy green glob of a ghost is not only a star of the "Ghostbusters" films, he's the kind of creature who fits in perfectly with the spooky holiday. The costume stays puffy by way of a battery-operated fan. $41.99 at

"Halo": Master Chief

The futuristic "Master Chief" soldier has become one of the most-recognized characters on today's video game scene, so if your youngster enjoys playing the first-person shooter game it only makes sense to don the costume come Halloween. $39.99 at

Hello Neighbor: "The Neighbor"

Mr. Peterson -- also known as "The Neighbor" -- is a cranky guy who doesn't want anyone to know what's in his basement. Kids can dress as the mysterious mustached man with a sneaky shovel for Halloween this year. $39.99 at

"Super Mario Brothers": Mario

Who would have guessed that the hero of the Generation X classic arcade game "Donkey Kong" would end up a favorite character of postmillennial youngsters? Whether you know him from "Kong," "Kart" or any of his other hit games, it's a good bet most people recognize Mario. $29.99 at

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom:" T-Rex (toddler)

The "terrible twos" are pretty scary, but with this toddler-sized costume kids can take it up a notch and go full king of the dinosaurs, taken from the T-Rex in "Jurassic Park" universe. $29.99 at

Marvel's Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger is a bad guy who gives Black Panther more trouble than almost any other foe, and he's more than skilled enough to go toe-to-toe with the King of Wakanda. $29.99 at

"The Nightmare Before Christmas": Girls Jack Skellington

Who says boys get to have all the Jack Skellington fun? This get-up swaps a spooky wig for Jack's skinless skull, and a creepy dress for the traditional Skellington suit. $36.99 at

Toddler Violet (from The Incredibles)

Young Violet Parr is a powerful member of The Incredibles family, with her ability to turn invisible, but your toddler will want to be seen and make the Halloween scene in this toddler-sized costume. $39.99 at

"Solo: A Star Wars Story"" Lando Calrissian

Thanks to this year's "Solo: A Star Wars Story" movie, audiences got reintroduced to Lando Calrissian, a character who also has appeared in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi." With Lando said to be appearing in the next full "Star Wars" movie, it's a perfect costume for fans -- not to mention a totally cool cape. $28 at