Top family guard dogs by state

By Kristen Sullivan

When it comes to keeping your family safe from intruders, certain dog breeds can offer extra protection and peace of mind. Your Local Security, an ADT Premier Authorized Provider, has released data on the most favored guard dogs in America.

From German shepherds to American pitbulls, see which breed reign supreme in your state....

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When it comes to keeping your family safe from intruders, certain dog breeds can offer extra protection and peace of mind. Your Local Security, an ADT Premier Authorized Provider, has released data on the most favored guard dogs in America.

From German shepherds to American pitbulls, see which breed reign supreme in your state.


Akitas are naturally protective pooches, with roots as guard dogs for Japanese royalty. Their athletic build and alert expression are indicative of protection and loyalty. They are also sweet with family members, deeming them caring companions as well as first-rate guard dogs.

Most popular: Arizona and Hawaii

German shepherd

Police forces all over the country tend to choose German shepherds as their partners-in-crime. As motivated, trainable dogs, the German shepherd is affectionate and fiercely loyal. As guard dogs, they are careful around strangers and ready to protect their loved ones.

Most popular: South Dakota and West Virginia


Dobermans are known to not back down in emergencies. The dogs have a tough appearance with a personality to match. They may attack when provoked, which makes them dedicated guard dogs.

Most popular: Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Tennessee and Texas


Great dane

Poised, dignified and large, the Great Dane is a regal breed and a picture-perfect guard dog. They can be intimidating at first glance, but are sweet with children and families.

Most popular: Wisconsin

American Pit Bull Terrier

Contrary to the stereotypes, pit bulls are not naturally aggressive. Their personalities can change after being subjected to dog fights, as it would with any breed. Pit bulls can be friendly with their families, and their strong physique allows them to be tough guard dogs.

Most popular: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina


It may take some time to gain the trust of a Rottweiler, and when threatened, it can bite. But in a loving and supportive home with plenty of training as a puppy, the breed can grow to be devoted and great at taking direction.

Most popular: New Mexico and New York


If you're looking for a faithful, energetic breed to guard your homble abode, the boxer may be the perfect match for your family.

Most popular: Kentucky, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Rhodesian ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback was originally bred to hunt lions, so it's safe to say this dog is up to protect its household in any situation. This particular breed is also known for being good with children but reserved around outsiders.

Most popular: Colorado

Giant schnauzer

The Giant schnauzer is known to be alert, muscular and athletic, and with plenty of exercise, this pup is ready to take on anything in its path to protect its family.

Most popular: Oklahoma and Utah

Belgian tervuren

Belgian Tervuren dogs are smart and observant, with lots of energy and motivation. They have heavy fur coats, which allows them to adapt to colder climates while guarding the yard.

Most popular: Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington


At first glance some may not think the komondor is a threat, but this dog was bred to protect and blend in with sheep.

Most popular: Idaho and Iowa


The Kuvasz has no fear when it comes to dangerous situations, and is known to be independent and courageous.

Most popular: Kansas and Minnesota

Moscow watchdog

The Moscow watchdog lives up to its name. Known to be a protector and was originally bred to help fight crime in Russia. This breed is a mix of a Saint Bernard and Caucasian shepherd, holding many qualities that make this dog great to have around the house.

Most popular: California

Great swiss mountain dog

The greater Swiss mountain dog is a strong, resilient breed, produced to take on the mountains of Switzerland. It is also very relaxed in a home enviroment, making it a great companion for families.

Most popular: Montana and New Hampshire


The Boerboel was initially bred as a property-guarding dog in South Africa. They are confident and strong with a keen territorial instinct, making them great protectors of the home.

Most popular: Washington D.C., Maryland and North Carolina

Great pyrenees

Known for its thick coat and loud bark, Great Pyrenees will keep your family alert during potentially harmful situations.

Most popular: North Dakota

Caucasian shepherd

The Caucasian shepherd was originally bred to guard livestock, stopping anything that stood in its way.

Most popular: Wyoming

American staffordshire terrier

Although the American Staffordshire terrier was once bred for fighting, its aggression has been bred away. Dogs in this breed may appear intimidating, but that's just because of their muscular bodies. They are actually gentle and affectionate toward people.

Most popular: Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia

Fila brasileiro

The Fila brasileiro breed is known to be cautious when meeting new people, in turn guaranteeing safety when protecting their families.

Most popular: Alaska

Cane corso

Cane Corso has a large, muscular build sure to scare off any home intruder. Although they may look tough, they are extremely affectionate toward their owners.

Most popular: Delaware and Ohio