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The '86 Mets

The 1986 Mets bludgeoned their way to the majors' best record (108-54) during the regular season and survived dramatic playoff series against the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox to win the World Series. Here are some snapshots from that memorable season.

Employees of Pencom Systems peer out the 6th floor window of 105 Broadway to watch the Mets ticker tape parade pass below. (Oct. 28, 1986)

Mets players look at one of the baseballs that Mike Scott of the Astros pitched with. There were accusations from the team that Scott had scoffed the ball. (October 13, 1986)

Alan Shapiro hangs his Mets sign out his 6th floor office window at 105 Broadway in Manhattan just before the start of the ticker tapes parade celebrating the team's World Series win. (Oct. 28, 1986)


Mets fans wear their team letters for game 6 of the World Series at Shea Stadium. (October 25, 1986)

Mets fan show his team pride at the final game of the World Series. (October 27, 1986)

Mets fans go crazy during the ticker tape parade celebrating their victory in the 1986 World Series. (October 28, 1986)

Lee Mazzilli and Sid Fernadez celebrate the Mets winning the pennant. (October 15, 1986)

Mets manager Davey Johnson sits between Mayor Ed Koch and Governor Mario Cuomo at the Mets victory parade in lower Manhattan. (October 28, 1986)

Mets memorabilia for sale. (October 25, 1986)

Mets fan holds up an anti-Red Sox sign during the last game of the World Series at Shea Stadium. (Otober 27, 1986)

Subway Motorman Pete Menga talks with Mets fans Michael Smith of Brooklyn (left) and Derrick Richards of the Bronx (right). Menga, who was driving the shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square that night, said he would have to "rely on the kindness of strangers" for news about how the Mets were doing in the game. (October 21, 1986)

Mets celebrate their World Series win on the mound at Shea Stadium. (October 27, 1986)

A first inning pitch gets cheers from the people watching the game on a 72-inch screen at a World Series party at the Fratello house in Bellmore. (October 27, 1986)

Parachutist Michael Sergio drops onto the infield in the first inning of World Series game six at Shea Stadium. (October 25, 1986)

Overflow crowd from "Rusty's" in Manhattan crowd onto the street to watch the World Series game previews. The bar was owned by former Met Rusty Staub. (October 21, 1986)

Fans enter Shea Stadium from the subway for the final game of the World Series. (October 27, 1986)

The crowd roots for the Mets at Shea Stadium. (October 25, 1986)

World Series logo being painted behind home plate as the Mets end their practice at Shea Stadium. (October 17, 1986)

Dwight Gooden of the Mets is seen with Roger Clemens of the Red Sox at Fenway Park. (September 4, 1986)

Ron Darling lies on the ground after a collision with Boston ondeck batter Dave Henderson still kneeling in the background. Jim Rice, who scored a run on the play, bends over Darling.

Wally Backman dives back safely to first on a pick-off. Bill Buckner is late with the tag. (October 19, 1986)

Mets manager Davey Johnson with Red Sox manager John McNamara at Fenway Park in Boston. (September 4, 1986)

Don Baylor (left) and Dwight Evans (right) of the Red Sox check out the threads on Keith Hernandez after the Mets-Red Sox game was rained out. (October 26, 1986)

Spike Owens of the Red Sox grimaces after being struck out by Sid Fernandez in the final game of the World Series. (October 27, 1986)

Mets 1st baseman Keith Hernandez and catcher Gary Carter hold the World Series trophy on the steps of City Hall. (October 28, 1986)

Mets players pile up on the pitcher's mound in celebration as they win the World Series. (October 27, 1986)

Mookie Wilson flips in the air to avoid being hit by a wild pitch in the bottom the the tenth inning allowing the Mets to tie the score. His grounder to first after this won the game for the Mets. (October 25, 1986)

Mets manager Frank Cashen and manager Davey Johnson stand in centerfield as the 1986 World Series pennant is raised at Shea Stadium. (April 7, 1987)

Darryl Strawberry autographs a ball for Mets head groundskeeper Pete Flynn. The schedule game 7 of the World Series was rained out that night. (October 26, 1986)

Keith Hernandez is tagged out going to second base as he thought Gary Carter's fly was caught. (October 27, 1986)