Sports figures salute late Marvin Miller

"I think he's the most important baseball figure of the last 50 years. He changed not just the sport but the business of the sport permanently, and he truly emancipated the baseball player -- and in the process all professional athletes."

-- Former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent



"Anyone who's ever played modern professional sports owes a debt of gratitude to Marvin Miller. He empowered us as players. He gave us ownership of the game we play. Anyone who steps on a field in any sport, they have a voice because of him."

-- Dodgers pitcher Chris Capuano


"Before Marvin, there were no such things as the negotiations. It was take it or leave it. What was your recourse, to quit?"

-- Hall of Famer Joe Morgan

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"Marvin possessed a combination of integrity, intelligence, eloquence, courage and grace that is simply unmatched in my experience. Without question, Marvin had more positive influence on Major League Baseball than any other person in the last half of the 20th century."

-- Donald Fehr, former head of the players union


"Marvin exemplified guts, tenacity and an undying love for the players he represented. . . . His most powerful message was that players would remain unified during labor strife if they remembered the sacrifices made by previous generations."

-- DeMaurice Smith, head of the NFL players union-- AP