BELMONT - Parents in Belmont want a stop sign at the corner of East 188th Street and Bathgate Avenue, calling the intersection “an accident waiting to happen.”

According to neighbors, hundreds of students use the intersection to get to Our Lady of Mount Saint Carmel. Parents say drivers show a disregard for traffic laws in the area and worry about children who need to cross the street after school hours. A crossing guard on duty during school hours leaves at 3 p.m.

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The city’s Department of Transportation says it surveyed the intersection and found that it does not meet federal guidelines to add a stop sign. It says latest reports, dating to 2011, show that there has not been a fatal accident at the intersection since 2007.

Still, Father Eric Patro, of Mount Saint Carmel Church, says the DOT should not wait until an accident occurs.

"It really does need to be rectified and it can be rectified in a simple, relatively inexpensive manner," says Patro.