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Bill Clinton: Obama off to "good start"

Former President Bill Clinton says he thinksthe country will surmount the current economic crisis, but sees thethreat of terrorism as a longer-term problem.

Clinton also is giving President Barack Obama high marks for the$787 billion economic stimulus bill that Obama will sign into lawlater this week.

The former president said in an interview broadcast Monday onNBC's "Today" show that he believes Obama "is off to a goodstart."

Clinton also said the new president and his economics teamhandled the controversial stimulus plan well, "given the fact thatthey had to do it in a hurry."

Clinton, who continues to lead aglobal public service initiative, said he believes the legislationwill be "our bridge over troubled waters."

But he also said that had he and his economics team been inoffice the last eight years, the economy would not have tanked.

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