TRENTON - The committee investigating the Bridge-Gate scandal has released the names of 20 subpoenas issued as part of the inquiry into last year's lane closures on an approach to the George Washington Bridge.

The list includes 18 names and two organizations. Current or former associates of Gov. Chris Christie include Bridget Anne Kelly, Maria Comella, Michael Drewniak, Regina Egea, Christina Genovese, Charles McKenna, Matt Mowers, Bill Stepien, Evan Ridley, Colin Reed and Kevin O'Dowd.

Michael Drewniak's wife, Nicole Davidman Drewniak, was also subpoenaed.

From the Port Authority, the list includes Bill Baroni, David Wildstein, Paul Nunziato, Cristina Lado, Philippe Danielides, and David Samson.

The Office of the Governor and the governor's re-election campaign were also subpoened for information.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, chairman of the committee, announced the number of subpoenas Thursday, after the Assembly voted unanimously to renew its authority to continue the probe in the new legislative session.

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The panel wants a list of documents, emails, Blackberry messages and all manner of communications related to the closures submitted to them by Feb. 3.

The legislative investigative committee also revealed Friday they will be paying their counsel $350 an hour, and that doesn't include extra legal fees.

A New Jersey state Senate panel is likely to issue subpoenas next week as part of its own investigation.