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4 popular games from the first half of 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile offers great graphics on iPhones

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile offers great graphics on iPhones and high-end Android phones. Credit: Newsday / Tencent Games

Tens of thousands of new mobile games have been released already in 2018. Here are four that stand out as the best and most popular games of the first half of the year.


(iOS; free)

Android gamers, we feel your pain. Released in April for iOS (where it garnered $100 million in just 90 days), this worldwide battle royale sensation is available on almost every platform except Android. The game itself features nonstop action as you form teams to battle other gamers worldwide. Weekly updates make the game always fresh. Developer Epic Games promises an Android version before the summer ends.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile

(iOS, Android; free)

Released in March for Android and iOS, PUBG Mobile is another global phenomenon in the wildly popular winner-take-all battle royale category. The graphics are astounding, especially on iPhones and high-end Android phones. The maps where you fight are massive, and you get around in a variety of vehicles. The weapons and the battles are realistic — perhaps too realistic for some gamers.

Sims Mobile

(iOS, Android; free)

It might be more quiet than a battle royale, but Sims Mobile is loud with life. This 2018 version of the longtime PC game (which was first released 18 years ago) allows you to create a world where you are responsible for the development of your very humanlike characters. As your sim characters go through their daily lives (which you can make better or worse), Sims Mobile becomes more than a game as you get caught up in the stories that play out.

Alto’s Odyssey

(iOS, $4.99; Android, preregister)

Released in February for iPhones and iPads, this highly anticipated game is a sequel to 2015’s breakout indie hit Alto’s Adventure. While the original game featured Alto and his friends in a snowboarding adventure, the new app has the group sandboarding in the desert. Alto’s Odyssey features beautiful graphics with immersive original music. The Android version will be out this month, but you can preregister now.

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