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AARP releases its livability index, names best places to retire

Southards Pond in Babylon Village offers an oasis

Southards Pond in Babylon Village offers an oasis for fishing and walking as well as jogging trails and foot bridges. It adds to the communities livability. Credit: David Reich-Hale

AARP has released its Livability Index, which ranks neighborhoods throughout the United States on seven categories, including housing, transportation, the environment and job opportunities. 

The list includes the 10 most livable neighborhoods in the nation. Included on that list is the Upper West Side of New York. Although expensive,  it is a walkable community with great restaurants, world-class culture, cheap and convenient mass transit, and easy access to Central Park jogging paths,  AARP said.

Also on the list was Mifflin West in Madison, Wisconsin, which the AARP described in a release as an eclectic community bordered by a university and state government with diverse housing and minimal traffic congestion, within walking distance of parks, lakes, shopping, performing arts centers and the state capital.  

Another city in New York, Buffalo, made AARP's list as a great place to get around.

The Livability Index asks users to enter a ZIP code to check a community's  livability rating. For example, Great Neck scored high overall, thanks to good marks on the environment, opportunity and the neighborhood itself. It didn't score well in affordability.

On the South Shore, Babylon scored well in neighborhood and opportunity, but lower in civic and social involvement and affordability, which is a common theme throughout Long Island's ratings. 

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