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About the data

This database may include officers that are no longer at the company listed. The information is obtained from company proxy reports, which present compensation data for their latest fiscal year, but there could be instances where the officer has since left the company.

Executive: Names are listed in the most recent proxy or annual report filing.

Title: While many executives have multiple titles, we list the first one given in filings with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Stock awards: Value of awards of restricted stock and stock options based on the shares that vested during the year. The amount listed is the cost recorded by the company on its income statement as well as any amounts that were capitalized on the balance sheet in the fiscal year. The figure is what was charged to the company for the year as distinct from the grant date fair value of the award.

All other compensation: Includes non-stock incentives for job performance, earnings from deferred compensation plans, value of pension plans during the year, perquisites and other personal benefits, termination or change-in-control payments, contributions to defined contribution plans such as 401(k)s, life insurance premiums, gross-ups and other tax reimbursements, discounted share purchases, among others.

As reported total compensation: All compensation paid to executive as reported by the company to the SEC. In a small percentage of cases, the amount is different from the sum of the salary, bonus, value of new stock options and other pay because of rounding errors or differences in reporting practices by the companies involved.

% change on total: Represents the increase or decrease in total pay from previous year.
1-year return on stock: Annualized rate of return to the company’s shareholders based on stock price change plus reinvestment of dividends and the compounding effect of dividends paid on reinvested dividends.

Older Data: Information for this project is current 2012 fiscal-year data reported by the company, with these exceptions:

Long Island: Nathan's Famous Inc., latest compensation data as of March 2012; Veeco Instruments Inc., latest financial data as of December 2011 and no recent compensation data.

Hudson Valley: Command Security Corp., latest financial data and compnesation data as of March 2012; Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc., latest Executive Pay data March 2012; Vision-Sciences Inc., latest compensation data March 2012; no compensation data for Fifth Street Finance Corp., Full Circle Capital Corp., and MVC Capital Inc.

New York City: Chimura Investment Corp., latest financial data December 2011 and no compensation data; Forest Laboratories Inc., latest compensation data March 2012; Ralph Lauren Corp., latest compensation data March 2012; Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., latest compensation data March 2012.


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