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Aiming to broaden seafood

American seafood will be the topic of several presentations at a food trade show in Moscow and St. Petersburg this week. Tom Kehoe, president of K & B Seafood Inc. of East Northport, will make PowerPoint presentations at the PIR 2011 Food Trade Show.

The presentations will be made to hotel, restaurant and catering trade groups in both Russian cities and will discuss North American fish and shellfish that is indigenous to the Atlantic Ocean.

K & B Seafood has sold seafood such as live lobster, sea scallops, clams and oysters to Russia on a weekly basis for several years, Kehoe said.

"We're going to try to broaden it now," said Kehoe, whose company has 20 employees. "We'll be talking about striped bass; porgies and black sea bass, both of which are local to Long Island; as well as red snapper, grouper and soft-shell crab. These are all varieties they don't have in Russia."

Kehoe said exports of fresh and frozen American seafood to Russia have increased about 30 percent over the past few years thanks largely to technology that helps connect people such as the Internet and modern computer gadgets and the safety and quality of American food.

"All the ways we handled food with our governmental agencies that oversee it are pretty sophisticated, and the rest of the world realizes that and they want some of it," Kehoe said. "Plus we have varieties of seafood that are native to North America, and it's desirable."

Kehoe's talks are sponsored by USDA offices in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and La Maree, a seafood distributor with operations in Russia.

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