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AMP Design builds device for cops to pop suspects' tires

A Long Island engineering firm is introducing a device Thursday that fires spiked strips from police cars to puncture tires of fleeing suspects.

Using pressurized gas, the James Bond-esque apparatus discharges tire-slashing strips from a cruiser's front bumper, ideally laying them on the roadway in the path of suspects during high-speed chases. They could be fired from moving or stationary vehicles.

Ronkonkoma-based AMP Design Solutions Inc. built the apparatus for End-X Systems, an Arizona company that plans to manufacture the device and market it to police departments nationwide.

Police officers have used spiked strips for more than a decade to stop fleeing vehicles around the country, including on Long Island. Most are placed by hand on the roadway or pulled into position by rope.

The device built by AMP Design is intended to allow officers to deploy the strips from the safety of a vehicle, said Kamal Mahajan of AMP Design.

The product, however, may face challenges. There are already a handful of similar devices on the market. And a spokesman for the company that makes the spiked strips, Stop Stick of Harrison, Ohio, said the devices were not intended to be fired from vehicles.

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