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Good Evening

An invitation to a class and a Mets game

Cesar Garcia

Cesar Garcia Credit: John Dunn

You can try to teach young people about personal finance and entrepreneurism in a traditional office setting. Or you can do what Cesar Garcia is doing Friday – inviting 100 to 150 people age 18 to 25 to come to CitiField in Flushing to listen to speakers – and then stay for the evening's Mets game, all free of charge.
Founder of Mayoria Global, Inc., a Melville-based financial education firm,  Garcia said he’s trying to help young people think out-of-the-box when it comes to “the art of entrepreneurship.” In partnership with Young Money, Inc., a Hunt Valley, Md., personal finance education organization,  he’s lined up several entrepreneurs as speakers, as well as Will Brimstone, a semi-retired professional wrestler.
Another speaker is Matt Ackerson, 23, who’s launched four businesses, the most recent a web design firm. Ackerson, a Cornell University graduate from Babylon, said he’s hoping to dispel some myths that might keep young people from considering starting their own businesses.
For one thing, he said, people think they should work in a big corporation first, so they can see how a business is run. In reality, entrepreneurs start off “handling a lot of different roles” but in a corporation you learn primarily about just one area.
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