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Apps make it easy to travel with your pet

Apps that help users stay connected.

Apps that help users stay connected. Credit: AFP / Getty Images

As you make plans for your summer getaway, you may want to include that family member with the pleading eyes and four legs. These apps can make it easier for you to take your pet along on your next vacation.

Bring Fido

(iOS; free)

In addition to helping you fetch dog-friendly hotels throughout the world, this app really throws Fido a bone: Plan his "dog-friendly vacation" where he can hit the beach or even the boogie board. You can book your room through the app, and the company behind Bring Fido says it offers a "best rate guarantee" for pet-friendly hotels. While the app is canine-centric, feline lovers can get information if their cat is welcome by reading the hotel descriptions.

Pet First Aid

iOS, Android; $0.99)

This official app from the American Red Cross should be a must for all dog and cat owners, whether their pet is a world traveler or goes no further than the backyard. As its name says, the app has first-aid information for a large array of ailments and problems that cats and dogs face, especially if they are in unfamiliar surroundings. The app has a separate section focused on travel tips for cats and dogs.

Iams Vet 24/7

(iOS, Android; free)

This app from Iams' pet-food maker Procter & Gamble can be a lifesaver when you are traveling with your pet. The app has only one feature: When it loads, it displays a list of nearby animal hospitals and veterinary clinics using GPS to pinpoint your location. Click on any of the entries and you get a phone number along with directions. You can also display the hospital or clinic on a map.

Purina Pet Health

(iOS, Android; free)

Purina and its parent company, food giant Nestlé, offer this "health and wellness" app packed with features that can be especially helpful on the road. Create a profile for your pets and enter all information, including medications and conditions. If your cat or dog needs medical attention while you are on vacation, the new vet has a big head start. The app also has a "find pet fun" feature that displays dog parks throughout the United States.

Tech bytes

'Mockingbird' goes digital

"To Kill a Mockingbird" will finally be released as an e-book. Publisher HarperCollins says author Harper Lee agreed to the digital version of her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel nearly 54 years after it was first published. Lee, 88, said while she loves "dusty old books and libraries," the e-book "is 'Mockingbird' for a new generation."

Googly eyes

Google has put it in writing: It reads what you write on its Gmail service. The tech giant updated its Terms of Service to say its "automated systems" analyze what you send and receive on Gmail so it can provide "relevant product features." But Google told The Wall Street Journal it will no longer scan emails from students signed up on its Apps for Education service.

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