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Apps to kick off your Super Bowl fun

It turns out there is a ton of

It turns out there is a ton of great apps for Super Bowl XLVII. Credit: handout

There are plenty of top-notch two-word combinations in the English language, but "Super Bowl" is hard to beat. This year, when you think about the big game, consider another two words: "great apps." It turns out there is a ton of great apps for Super Bowl XLVII. Here are a few favorites to get you in the mood:

Super Bowl Party Game

(iOS; $4.99)

If you're more concerned about the length of the national anthem than the pregame analysis, Super Bowl Party Game is the app for you. It lets a group of up to 25 people answer a set of questions before the game, and then automatically tabulates everyone's score as the answers roll in. The questions are based on Vegas prop bets, so you won't have to be a football expert to win; you'll just have to be good at guessing the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning head coach!

Pro Football Insider

(iOS, Android; free)

If you want all of the latest news about injuries and assorted pregame drama, Pro Football Insider is an app you can't afford to be without leading up to game day. It covers all of the news, rumors and inside information, as well as new media information, like an integrated Twitter feed covering a selection of the NFL's chattiest players. This app is a great way to stay connected to the game, even when you're not near a TV or radio to hear the pregame chatter.

Bowl Facts

(iOS; $0.99)

Do you want to impress friends with your knowledge of quirky Super Bowl facts without having to read a bunch of NFL history books? Bowl Facts has more than 250 facts about previous Super Bowls. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can also share the facts with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or text, right from the app. People will think that you sure know a lot about Super Bowl history, though they may wonder why you've never showed off all that knowledge before!

NFL Quarterback 13

(iOS, $1.99; Android, $2.24)

The pace of the Super Bowl is glacial compared to your average football game, intriguing commercials notwithstanding. That said, nothing beats monotony like a good game and NFL Quarterback 13. The game features QBs from all 32 teams, and players compete in a variety of QB-related minigames. From simple passing contests to avoiding an onslaught of defenders, all aspects of good quarterback play get tested. And you won't get an actual concussion, so that's another a plus.

Foodie Recipes

(iOS; free)

It would be criminal to discuss the Super Bowl and not even mention food. For many people, that's the whole reason to throw a party for the game. With this app, you can throw away those dusty, old recipes you've been using since Super Bowl X and mix things up this time around. Foodie Recipes has 40 great game day-approved recipes, from dips to snacks. After all, doesn't a sweet onion and bean dip sound more appetizing than what you usually bring to the party?


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First and '10'


One new participant in today's Super Bowl was once the biggest player of all. Among the anticipated ads during the game is one for the just-released BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry was the smartphone champ before it was supplanted by iPhones and Android-based devices, and it's pinning its comeback hopes on the new phone in its first Super Bowl commercial.


Feeling sick? Treat it, tweet it


If you have the flu, don't suffer in silence. Tweeting about how miserable you are may one day help science. Brigham Young University researchers tracked 24 million tweets and found they could serve as "an early-warning system" to alert public health officials about the severity and location of emerging outbreaks. Researchers said this information could help officials prevent the spread of some communicable diseases.


Bollywood goes mobile


Fans of Bollywood musicals can stream their favorite songs for free. Indian music streaming service Dhingana, which offers free apps for virtually every platform including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, unveiled a streaming mobile website in an attempt to snag users of lower-end feature phones that can connect to the Internet but can't run apps. Dhingana has a library of 500,000 Indian and Bollywood songs. -- Peter King

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