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NY AG says 44 pharmacies did not post price info

New York's attorney general reported that 44 pharmacies

New York's attorney general reported that 44 pharmacies had not complied with state rules concerning prescription drug prices. Credit: Steve Pfost

Attorney General Letitia James on Thursday said 44 New York pharmacies, including on Long Island, failed to post the costs of drugs for consumers.

State law requires that pharmacies maintain a list of their prices for the 150 most commonly prescribed drugs and to update its drug retail price list at least weekly. The pharmacies must distribute the list to consumers upon request, and post a sign notifying consumers of the availability of the list.

The state requires that such signs be posted in the pharmacy where prescriptions are accepted or dispensed, or in the pharmacy’s waiting area.

“Posting prices of drugs is a basic method of transparency that enables individuals to make informed decisions about their health and their finances,”  James said in a news release.

The investigation also showed that pricing for the same drug can vary by as much as 300 percent among different pharmacies. One drug’s price varies by more than $600.    

The attorney general's office didn't immediately release a list of pharmacies that were in violation of the law, but it included pharmacies in Nassau and Suffolk counties, according to the news release.

The cease and desist letters required that the pharmacies come into full compliance with the law within 15 days of receipt.

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