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Audiovox's RCA brand teams with Radio Shack

Audiovox's RCA brand Symphonix hearing device.

Audiovox's RCA brand Symphonix hearing device. Credit: Audiovox

Audiovox Corp., of Hauppauge, has a deal to have a new product, under its RCA brand, sold through the mass-market retailer Radio Shack. The $300 device fits in (and over) the ear, and helps amplify conversation while muting background noise.

Sounds like a hearing aid.

It's not, Audiovox says.

It's an RCA Symphonix "personal sound amplifier." Audiovox bought the RCA brand in 2006.

Audiovox says the rechargeable Symphonix will be on sale at 2,000 Radio Shack stores with a suggested retail price of $299.99.

Audiovox, trading under the symbol VOXX, was up $0.44 to $7.21 in afternoon trading Thursday. Shares are down 14 percent since January.

The device is "designed to help you hear better in all kinds of situations, like large groups, on crowded streets, in the office, at a loud restaurant, or even watching TV," a Wednesday news release says. It uses "digital technology, clean amplification and discreet design . . . [and] comes in one discreet size that fits most men or women and works in either ear."

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