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Bay Shore publishing-products plant employing 51 to close

ViaTech Publishing Solutions, a Dallas-based company, plans to

ViaTech Publishing Solutions, a Dallas-based company, plans to close its Bay Shore location on Fifth Avenue, a WARN notice says. Layoffs are slated to begin on Aug. 19, 2017. Credit: Google Maps

The Bay Shore location of a Dallas-based publishing company is planning to close, affecting 51 people, according to a state regulatory notice.

Layoffs at ViaTech Publishing Solutions Inc. will begin on Aug. 19 and “continue in stages,” the WARN notice says, with the closing date “to be determined.”

The notice, which was posted on the state Labor Department’s website on Wednesday, cites “consolidation and outsourcing” as the reason for the closing.

The company’s products include training manuals and binders and digital materials. It couldn’t be learned if the employees would be able to transfer to other ViaTech locations around the country.

ViaTech was once based on Long Island but moved its headquarters to Dallas a few years ago, said a company manager who requested anonymity.

In 1998 a local business survey named the company one of the top 50 private businesses on Long Island based on sales growth, Newsday reported.

ViaTech, previously known as DVC Industries Inc., made products that included ring binders, clipboards and bookbinding, according to a 1978 Newsday story.

That story also said the company employed about 180 people and planned a $667,000 expansion, with Town of Islip Industrial Development Agency funding to keep it from leaving. It had planned to increase its workforce to as many as 260 employees.

Under the state’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, companies with at least 50 employees must file a 90-day notice ahead of a mass layoff or closing.

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