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Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s office for work-life balance

At Bethpage Federal Credit Union employees demonstrate on

At Bethpage Federal Credit Union employees demonstrate on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, how they use some of the new open meeting space in a newly designed office. This particular space is dubbed The Stadium because of its stadium-style seating. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Bethpage Federal Credit Union has moved 108 employees into new office space in Bethpage that includes fewer desks, more collaborative work spaces and what the credit union calls a “tranquil wellness room,” with couch-like seating, no technology and inspirational messaging on the wall.

The 23,000-square-foot space at 999 S. Oyster Bay Rd. is designed with millennials in mind, said Linda Armyn, a senior vice president at Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

The company hired Staples Business Advantage to help design the location. Staples also supplied the furniture.

“The millennial workforce is the biggest workforce, and we are behind the eight ball if we are a stodgy place,” Armyn said. “We want to be attractive.”

Many companies are changing the look and feel of their offices, said Marc Spector, principal at architecture firm The Spector Group in Woodbury. The intent goes beyond winning over millennial talent.

“The goal is to retain and attract the best and brightest of all ages,” said Spector, whose firm is working on the new Dealertrack Technologies headquarters in North Hills.

Dealertrack was acquired by Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises Inc. for $4 billion in 2015.

The Dealertrack office will include an indoor fitness center, basketball court, 125-seat auditorium and a rooftop garden for employees to grow their own vegetables.

That building’s shell is expected to be done by early 2017, and the interior by late spring 2017.

Spector said other common themes at new offices include wellness rooms, including yoga and meditation areas, and more space for greenery.

Bethpage moved the 108 employees, including 39 millennials, into the new location about two weeks ago. Bethpage defines millennials as employees between 18 and 34 years of age.

Armyn said the new space is a model for the planned overhaul of its corporate headquarters, which is located down the road at 899 S. Oyster Bay Rd.

That three-year renovation, at a cost of up to $7 million, is expected to start soon, Armyn said, adding that 197 of the credit union’s 652 employees are located there.

Bethpage has 347 employees at its 33 branches, 32 of which are on Long Island, and one in Manhattan. The credit union has $6.8 billion in assets.

In total, about 52 percent of Bethpage’s employees are millennials.

“The new office is cool,” Armyn said. “At first, some employees were a little resistant, but they’re enjoying it. It’s not just the millennials who are enjoying it.”

Staples Business Advantage is also helping with the headquarters redesign.

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