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Good Morning
Good Morning

Bogus Dime checks aren't worth a penny


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has passed on a warning that counterfeit checks purporting to be from Dime Savings Bank are in circulation.

The counterfeit items display the routing number 226070306, which is the bank's number. The bank's name and street address appear in the top center of the counterfeits, and a padlock security icon appears above an "Authorized Signature" line in the lower-right corner.

Here's what's different about the real checks: Authentic official checks display the bank's name and address in the top-right corner. The words "OFFICIAL CHECK" are displayed inside a box in the top center. A security feature statement appears below the top border on either side of the box. A padlock security icon appears above the payee line in the lower-right corner. Two microprint "AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE" lines appear along the bottom. A "MEMO" line and restrictive feature statement appear in the lower-left corner.


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