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Business week ahead, July 10-14

Are consumers become more credit wary? A clue

Are consumers become more credit wary? A clue could come Monday from the Federal Reserve. Credit: AP / Luis Hidalgo

KEY EVENT: Under the hood. Quarterly earnings season begins in earnest as several big companies open their books for a look inside. Among the largest companies reporting: MSC Industrial Direct, Long Island’s sixth largest company by revenue. The Melville-based distributor of industrial tools and supplies is expected to post about $745 million in sales for its fiscal third quarter.

MONDAY: The Federal Reserve releases consumer credit in May. April’s report showed Americans may be turning cautious as consumer borrowing posted its smallest monthly increase in almost six years. Earnings: Voxx International, lubricants maker WD-40.

TUESDAY: Earnings from PepsiCo.

WEDNESDAY: The Federal Reserve releases the July beige book, a collection of still early and unofficial economic data. Earnings: MSC Industrial Direct, industrial supplies distributor Fastenal.

THURSDAY: Jobless benefits claims for the week ended July 8 from the Labor Department. Also from the Labor Department: June producer prices.

FRIDAY: Consumer prices for June from the Labor Department. The report — the nation’s most-watched inflation gauge — includes a breakout of prices in the 31 Northeast counties, including Long Island. Also, retail sales and industrial production, both for June and both from the Commerce Department. Earnings: Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo.

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