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CA has new cloud-computing partner in Singapore

Islandia-based software company CA Technologies is named one

Islandia-based software company CA Technologies is named one of the country's best companies for women of color, the publication plans to announce Tuesday. Credit: CA

CA Technologies has a new partner in its marketing and sales of cloud computing services throughout Asia.

The partner, based in Singapore, is Dimension Data Asia Pacific. It has 60 offices in 13 countries including Australia, China, India, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

CA, based in Islandia, and Dimension Data "are collaborating to drive enterprise cloud adoption throughout Asia Pacific," the companies said in a joint news release.

"Cloud ecosystems must be fueled by speed, innovation, and scale to thrive," Dexter Wee, a Dimension Data manager, said in the news release.

"Working with CA Technologies gives us the competitive advantage by allowing us to combine the best new technology with our expertise in hardware and operations management. In turn, this helps our clients deliver better business results without being bogged down by IT complexity."

Cloud computing refers to on-demand subscription plans allowing companies to use variable amounts of data storage, software and other resources over the Internet, as needed.

By reducing the need for hardware and software installed on a company's own premises, cloud computing is seen as a way to reduce overall computing and energy costs.

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