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CA upgrades new data software


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The Islandia-based software company CA Technologies today announced an upgrade of a program that allows customers to securely exchange large amounts of data.

The software program upgrade, CA XCOM Data Transport® for z/OS, improves on the speed and security of previous versions of the software, the company said.

In a news release, CA gave an example of the benefits of the software, which was released earlier in beta form.

"One example of beta customer feedback came from a large retailer in the United Kingdom," CA said in the Monday news release.

"The company completes, on average, 790,000 transfers per week of critical pricing and product information between headquarters and thousands of stores throughout the UK. Their tests resulted in an immediate performance improvement and reduced CPU usage by up to 40 percent," CA said.

The improved efficiency helped the client company save money, because it eliminated or delayed the need to buy faster CPU chips or other hardware, CA said.

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