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Calverton environmental company expands to Western NY State

Calverton-based Miller Environmental Group Inc. has expanded its operations to western New York State, with a new office in Elmira.

“It is with great anticipation and excitement that we have established a full scale service center in Elmira," Mark Miller, the company owner, said in a news release.

Services in the Marcellus shale oil and gas field will be a core component of the new office, but the company will also offer a full range of other environmental services, he said. Those services include emergency spill response, industrial cleaning, waste transportation and disposal services. 

The Marcellus shale deposit, which underlies much of western New York State, is the subject of intense debate among Albany lawmakers because natural gas extraction there involves the environmentally disruptive process of hydraulic fracturing, known commonly as hydrofracking. The drilling method uses a high-pressure mix of chemical, water and sand, pumped deep underground. This breaks up rocks and frees trapped bubbles of natural gas.

Graphic above shows a map of the Marcellus shale formation.

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