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CareerBuilder survey: More spending Thanksgiving with co-workers

Thanksgiving can give rise to any number of sentiments — gratitude, nostalgia, warmth at getting to spend time with family, misgiving at having to get to spend time with family.

All that can also be said for Thanksgivings spent with work families, such as they may be.

This year sees a rise in the percentage of people saying they celebrate Thanksgiving with work colleagues, be it in or out of the office.

That’s the case with 28 percent of the more than 3,300 full-time workers surveyed, up from last year’s 20 percent, said CareerBuilder, the Chicago-based human resources management company also known for its job site.

Some co-workers may be breaking bread together with pleasure. For others it could be the luck — or misfortune — of a work schedule draw, as one in five respondents said they’ll be on duty Thursday.

Among the top industries that can call for work presence on Thanksgiving are hospitality, retail, sales, health care and transportation, CareerBuilder says.

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