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Carle Place lab offers radiation testing

In the aftermath of Japan's recent nuclear power plant disaster, EMSL Analytical Inc., a national testing laboratory network with a lab in Carle Place, last week began offering a new service — analyzing radioactive samples.

Food products, soil, vegetation and water samples can be tested for cesium-134, cesium-137, iodine-131 and other radioactive elements, EMSL said.

"Following the nuclear disaster in Japan, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of requests to perform gamma spectroscopy analyses," the company said.

"In response, EMSL Analytical is pleased to announce that they are now accepting radiological samples."

Since large amounts of radiation were released in northern Japan in March after a tsunami and earthquake, Americans are fearful of "the fallout of released radioactive particles that could potentially cross the Pacific and reach this continent," the company said in a Thursday news release.

The laboratory’s  standard range of test targets also includes asbestos, lead, hazardous metals, Chinese drywall, food and liquids. It checks indoor air quality, and also analyzes DNA.

EMSL headquarters are in New Jersey. 

Its Long Island lab is at 528 Mineola Ave., Carle Place.

Photo shows exhaust stacks of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant loom over a wood at Namie, a town now almost deserted after a 12 mile evacuation zone was declared, in northeastern Japan.

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