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CD-adapco finishes Melville HQ renovations

Engineering software firm CD-adapco works in the complex field of computational fluid dynamics. Now, following a $3 million renovation to its Melville headquarters, it has a new facade, revamped office space — and a digital phone system instead of the outdated analog one it had previously.

CD-adapco creates computer software to simulate how heat and liquids interact with the physical world — think how wind flows over cars or water churns through a propeller. Its software can be used in a range of industries from manufacturing to health care and energy.

Included in its yearlong renovation — which didn't receive government aid — was the phone system upgrade, which moved voice communications into the “cloud,” meaning that conversations are now converted into digital information on servers via the Internet. Sales staff can now receive calls on the same phone extension whether in the office or logged in via laptop in anywhere in the world. The company also upgraded its network from the older GigE standard to the 10GigE standard, which spokeswoman Lauren Gautier said will improve the speed of data transfers by 10 times.

“Transferring files quicker simply means much less waiting time for the engineers,” Gautier said.

The phone and data upgrades cost $160,000 she said.

CD-adapco is the marketing name for two companies — Computational Dynamics Ltd. in the United Kingdom, and Analysis & Design Application Co. Ltd. in the United States — that operate jointly and employ 692 people worldwide. The firm, which employs more than 100 people at its Long Island office, plans to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its renovated building Saturday morning.

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