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Commercial touts Blue Point Brewing’s Patchogue roots

The new commercial for Blue Point Brewing Co.

The new commercial for Blue Point Brewing Co. features the company's hometown roots in Patchogue. Credit: Blue Point Brewing

Blue Point Brewing Co. Thursday launched a digital-only commercial that gives a star turn to its hometown, Patchogue, but makes no explicit mention of its product — beer.

The playful 30-second spot by Chicago-based advertising and marketing firm VSA Partners highlights a Patchogue phone booth, water tower and T-shirt printer. In nearly every frame are prominent reminders of 18-year-old Blue Point Brewing, such as Blue Point Brewery signs and the logo of a Blue Point beer being printed on a T-shirt, but the beer remains unnamed by the ad’s narrator.

The “Patchogue’s Got It All” commercial, scheduled to be shown in 23 media markets on the East Coast, in the Southeast and Midwest, is part of a new brand, packaging and media campaign for Blue Point’s flagship beer, Toasted Lager. The commercial will be shown on the Hulu streaming service, but not on cable TV or broadcast stations.

The cost of the media campaign was not disclosed.

In a telephone interview Thursday afternoon, Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri Jr. said that he had just watched the commercial on his computer.

“As a municipality, we couldn’t buy that type of advertising,” said Pontieri, who has been mayor of the 12,600-person village since 2004.

Blue Point, the largest and oldest craft brewery on Long Island, was bought by beverage giant Anheuser Busch-InBev in 2014. Blue Point’s parent was formed in 2008 when Belgian brewer InBev acquired Anheuser-Busch, the brewer of Budweiser, for about $52 billion. AB InBev has been buying regional craft brewers such as Blue Point, Goose Island Beer Co. of Chicago and Four Peaks Brewing of Tempe, Arizona, and letting them tap its multinational distribution network.

Since 2015, Blue Point’s distribution has grown from 19 states to 32, including California, the company said. Plans call for adding 10 more states, including Texas and Illinois, by year’s end. Volume sales of Toasted Lager are up 12 percent year-to-date, according to the company.

Pontieri said that talks are continuing in AB InBev’s efforts to acquire a building in downtown Patchogue that would allow the expansion of Blue Point’s facilities.

In addition to the digital commercial, Blue Point’s first media campaign will advertise in print, on billboards and on the radio, and will run transit advertising along the Long Island Rail Road route between Patchogue and Penn Station.

Blue Point makes more than 40 craft beers, including White IPA, Hoptical Illusion and Rastafa Rye Ale.

“We’re proud of our Long Island roots where we take our beer seriously,” Blue Point president Todd Ahsmann said in a statement. “We just don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

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