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Comtech subsidiary gets $2.3M defense contract

Comtech develops high-tech communication systems.

Comtech develops high-tech communication systems. Credit: Handout

A subsidiary of Melville-based Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a defense electronics contractor, has a new $2.3 million contract to supply its mobile troposcatter system for the U.S. military.

It's a modular, rapidly deployable system made by Comtech Systems Inc., of Orlando, Fla.

The company did not say which branch of the military bought the system, but said it was supplying the equipment to an unnamed prime contractor.

Troposcatter systems don't use satellites to send radio messages over the horizon, or over uneven terrain. Instead they point signals to atmospheric levels at heights of between 5 miles and 11 miles where dust and other particles reflect some of the scattered signals downward to sensitive receivers.

Comtech's mobile troposcatter system equipment has civilian and military uses. The U.S. military relied on it, for example, during both the 1990 and 2003 invasions of Iraq.

Comtech specializes in communications systems that work where landlines don’t – deserts, battlefields, offshore oil rigs, oceanic shipping lanes.

Photo: Comtech's Transportable Fast Link Antenna and transit case mounted Mobile Transportable Tropo System.


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