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Cooking class, photo shoots, Twister: Valentine’s creativity

Take a couples cooking class for Valentine's Day,

Take a couples cooking class for Valentine's Day, rather than spending big on a four-star restaurant. Credit: Getty Images / andresr

Love is in the air — and it’s not cheap.

According to’s new Valentine’s Day Price Index, in New York City, a dozen roses, a day at the spa for two, and a Michelin dinner with wine costs more than $650.

But with a little creativity you can have a memorable V-Day — without morning-after regrets.

Start a new tradition

Take a couples’ cooking class. “Not only is it something you normally wouldn’t do, it’s a way to expand your repertoire in the kitchen at home, and to work as a couple towards something as sensual and practical as a nice meal. Book in advance and go for something interesting like French or Indian. It’s far less expensive than a four-star restaurant meal,” says April Masini, a relationship expert in Manhattan.

Create a romantic photo shoot

If you’ve been meaning to capture a few photos of you and your honey, now is the perfect time. Skip the costly photographer. Pick romantic spots in New York and on Long Island for a photo shoot. “Taking pictures where the two of you met or at the restaurant where you made things official will bring back fond memories,” says Samantha Daniels, a Manhattan relationship expert.

Stay in

“Give a classic game like Twister or Scrabble a romantic, sexy twist. Or, put the word ‘strip’ in front of any game and you’ll have a good time. Have an impromptu spa night. Get candles and throw on some sensual music. Grab some baby oil or coconut oil and exchange massages,” says Minneapolis-based dating expert April Davis.

Skip the Champagne, go with prosecco or cava. Make your own candy. Says Dana Vas Nunes, senior manager of deposit products at Alliant in Chicago, “Instead of $15 on a box of chocolates, save money with strawberries dipped in melted chocolate.”

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