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Vans, Clorox, Axe, Zappos jump on viral teen fashion video

Brands are hopping on the hype of a

Brands are hopping on the hype of a video of a teenager with a bizarre repeating voiceover spread across the Internet. Credit: Twitter / @josholzz

Brands of all kinds are jumping on the latest viral hit centered around a California teen’s fashion choices.

Daniel Lara, who goes to high school in California, has become the latest Internet sensation after a video was posted on Twitter by Joshua Holz on Feb. 15. In the video, Holz hounds Lara repeating “Damn Daniel,” complementing his clothes and style.

Since then, the video has been retweeted more than 200,000 times and countless spinoffs and memes have been created in its wake.

Hopping on the hype, brands such as Clorox, Vans, Axe and Zappos have joined in with their own takes on the meme.

“Whatever happens to those white shoes @Daniel_laraa, just know that we’ve got your back,” Clorox posted on Twitter from the company’s official account.

“Daaaaamn Daniel. I mean daaaaamn. Seriously though. Damn, you've got the style,” Axe posted from its account.

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