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DealerTrack to announce 75 new jobs on Long Island

Car sale image

Car sale image Credit: iStock

Nassau County and DealerTrack company officials plan to announce 75 new jobs at the company’s headquarters in Lake Success Wednesday. The growing maker of automotive-related software plans to add an additional 75 jobs nationally.

The 150 positions to be added, mostly by the end of next year, are about 50 fewer than company officials were planning when the staff buildup was first announced in October. A company spokesman said the lower figure is based on a change in staffing needs.

Dealertrack Holdings Inc. sells software for automobile dealerships, manufacturers and lenders. The new jobs, described as highly skilled, are in computer technology, product management and services, the spokesman said.

The company’s stock closed Tuesday at $26.54, down 56 cents -- near the high end of its 52-week range of $14.01 to $28.02 -- as the nation’s new vehicle market improves from recession levels. The company has about 1,900 employees, including about 300 in Lake Success.

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