For five years running, Broadridge Financial Solutions has been named one of the state's best companies to work for by the New York State Society for Human Resource Management.

The Lake Success company, which processes trades and provides proxy services for 90 percent of U.S. public companies, offers employee perks including career planning programs, through which associates are given tools for advancement; a leadership university, in which managers are trained in peer groups to coax the best out of employees; and a Cultural Week, during which employees celebrate and share food, dance and experiences from their heritage.

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By fostering this kind of environment, company president John Hogan, 63, said he experiences tremendous returns. Once his employees worked through the night without being asked, to complete an acquisition before a fiscal year deadline. "That was inspirational to me. That was commitment," said Hogan.

How do you become a top workplace?

First of all, we believe very strongly in the service-profit chain, meaning we build an environment people feel good to be part of, feel proud of, and feel like they can make a difference to. Rather than it just being a job, they'll be committed to that place to work. And if you create that kind of environment, those people who are committed to their company create better service and better products through their ingenuity, creativity, and so forth for your clients.

What would be your advice to smaller business owners with limited budgets?

You should start with the assumption that given the chance, your employees will do what's right, and they will do more than you expect. And then communicate with them very clearly about what you're attempting to do with your business, and make sure they understand why what you're attempting to do is in your best interest and their best interest and your customer's best interest.

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How do you choose the right workers?

Very carefully. Our thought process is to make sure we're not just taking the skill, but the innate talent and fit . . . the person who fits with the team.

Any new developments at Broadridge?

We're now involved with Pitney Bowes in a partnership relative to a product called VOLLY (digital mailboxes). Every individual is going to be able to get mail, just based on their address. It'll be just like the mailbox in front of your house except it'll be electronic. Also, we just bought a company called Paladyne that is focused on serving hedge funds and those who manage money for other people because that segment has been growing substantially and we expect it to continue to grow.


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Corporate Snapshot

NAME: John Hogan, president, Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. in Lake Success

WHAT THEY DO: Provide proxy services for more than 90 percent of public companies and mutual funds in North America, by printing the voting forms for shareholders and distributing, collecting and tabulating them; also process more than $4 trillion in fixed income and equity trades per day.

EMPLOYEES: 6,226 worldwide; 1,703 on Long Island

EMPLOYEE ROLES: Client services, product management, technology, infrastructure data centers as well as development, operations, finance, human resources

REVENUE: About $2.2 billion