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Tech Review: For dads or dudes, apps to enjoy on Father's Day

Whether you're a dad or a dude, Father's Day is a good time to get in touch with your stereotypical manly side. These apps, aimed at men, can help you look more stylish, be better groomed, get back into shape or simply have a good time playing a game that's mainly a guy thing.

How to Tie a Tie

(iOS, Android; free)

Is it time to bump up your tie-tying repertoire? This app from developer Artfonica offers more than 20 different knots, from the common four-in-hand and simple-double to more complex styles such as the Windsor. It can be especially helpful for those heading to a formal event and trying to figure out how to get that bow tie right. The free version offers 12 knots. In-app purchases unlock about 15 more.

Men's Health Workouts

(Android; $1.99)

This app from health and wellness publisher Rodale hasn't been updated in a while, but chances are neither have you. Among the 23 included workouts are The Ultimate No-Weight Workout, Burn Fat Faster and Get Rid of That Gut. A free "lite" version has five basic workouts. iOS users can check out Men's Health Get Back Into Shape (free), also from Rodale.

Dude Perfect 2

(iOS, Android; free)

A spinoff from the popular YouTube channel that features videos of people, mainly guys, doing various sports-related trick shots, Dude Perfect 2 is a game where you can show off your ability to sink a basketball from impossible angles and in crazy situations. You can also access Dude Perfect videos from within the app. The game is tough, but in-app purchases as high as $30 make it a bit easier.

Mustache App

(iOS; free)

Wonder how you'd look in a mustache but don't have the time (or permission) to grow one? This app includes about 70 different styles of mustaches and beards you can affix to a photo you upload. The nicely rendered mustaches run the gamut from understated to silent-movie villain. Android users can check out the similar Mustache Mirror (free).

Tech bytes

Most companies hit by hackers

More than 80 percent of companies responding to new survey said their computer systems were penetrated by hackers. The survey from Duke University and CFO Magazine found that small and medium-sized companies were hit the hardest, with 85 percent of firms with fewer than 1,000 employees reporting their systems were penetrated. The survey did not say how many of the hacks actually resulted in data being stolen.

-- Peter King

Netflix updates website

Netflix's website for desktop computers has a new look, the first major update in four years for the popular streaming service. The new site works more like a mobile app than a traditional website, with content concentrated on a single page instead of in a series of links. Hovering a mouse over a title brings up a slideshow of photos from the movie or show you're thinking of watching.

-- Peter King

PlayStation gets first Call

Sony's PlayStation has scored exclusive first rights for early content for the next "Call of Duty" video game, gaining control of the popular franchise from the game's former longtime partner Microsoft. PlayStation users will also get first access to exclusive map packs. The "Call of Duty" franchise has sold more than 100 million copies worth more than $10 billion since its release in 2003.

-- Los Angeles Times


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