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Former DHB exec: $21.5-million too little for defense

David Brooks says in court papers that the $21.5 million he spent last year for lawyers is not enough to defend himself against charges he made $185 million in 2004 by selling off stock after knowingly making false claims about the health of DHB Industries, his then- Westbury-based body-armor manufacturer.

On the eve of jury selection next week in federal court in Central Islip, Brooks has asked a judge to release $10 million more of the $48 million he put up for bail, saying he has run out of money to pay further legal fees.

Brooks asked for a delay in the trial so the two new lawyers he hired this week, in addition to the five he already has, can get up to speed on the case.

Among the charges against Brooks is that he used company funds to pay for a $101,000 jewel-encrusted belt buckle for himself and a multimillion-dollar bat mitzvah for a daughter.

Noting that since he was arrested in 2007 Brooks, of Manhattan, has fired at least eight other lawyers and gotten three previous delays for the start of the trial, U.S. District Judge Joanna Seybert earlier this week denied the request for a delay and for the $10 million.

An attorney for Brooks says he might appeal. Federal prosecutor Christopher Ott declined to comment on the situation Thursday.

A pretrial hearing on the issues is scheduled for Friday.

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