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Challenge yourself to come up with gifts that cost you time, not money

Challenge yourself to come up with gifts that

Challenge yourself to come up with gifts that cost you time, not money. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/SolStock

Come January, will you sing the post-holiday blues because of your bills?

Don’t keep hitting the repeat button. This year, remember less is more. After all, it is the thought that counts.

Nobody says you shouldn’t show your love. Do it differently. Challenge yourself to come up with ways to give gifts this season that cost you more time than money.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Give the gift of a free day

For many people, 24 hours away from everyday responsibilities of life is just what they need. “Give someone the gift of a free time! Take their kids for a day, and let them take off — what they do is up to them!” says Emily McCrary, brand editor at, who focuses on lifestyle and health issues.

Use loyalty program rewards

You can redeem points for a variety of things, such as cash, free travel, electronics and other merchandise. “The good news is many programs let you gift your points or miles to other people who have accounts in the program. Better yet, there’s no cost to you to make the gift,” says Amy Eury, marketing strategist for

Pass along a book

Maybe you have a treasured book in your collection that would be help or entertain your loved one. “Share it in a book exchange or just give it to them. For those that are readers, this gift is priceless,” says Karen Ford, author of Money Nuggets.

Give the gift of service

Do you know someone who could use help? Offer to clean their car or house, pet sit, run errands. It’s practical and likely will be much appreciated.  

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