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Freeport display-making factory expanding

A snap frame from Access Display Group Inc.

A snap frame from Access Display Group Inc. in Freeport. Credit: Access Display Group

Freeport-based sign maker Access Display Group, maker of SwingFrame poster enclosures, is doubling the size of its factory by expanding into an adjacent space on South Main Street.

The expansion will begin as of June 1 into the space next door to Access Display's current factory, where it has done business for 12 years, the company says.

"The company will literally break through the walls of its existing facilities, doubling its square footage and making room for more manufacturing space and customer service capabilities," a Wednesday news release says.

Access Display describes its products: "changeable poster display frames, signage fixtures and display cases."

What sets the products apart, Access Display says, is that "to the uninitiated viewer, SwingFrames look like custom picture frames: once mounted to a wall, you can’t tell that they swing open. SwingFrames allow users to quickly and easily access their displays, change and update as needed." (Snap frame is shown in photo, above.)

ADG makes poster snap frames, changeable letter boards, enclosed bulletin boards, shadow box display cases, back lit and LED light boxes.

It sells to local retailers, national chains, schools and universities, government agencies, financial institutions and military facilities. Its customers include Best Buy, CVS, Staples, Verizon, Macy’s, Six Flags and Nine West.

During the past three years ADG has launched 11 niche websites, each focused on a different area of the display fixture market.

"This strategy has been paying off, as the company announced a 52% sales increase in the past year. ADG is now growing its facilities to better meet the demand of its customers," it says.

The niche websites:

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