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From fiction to fact and beyond for two Hamptonite businessmen

Michael Douglas at Gordon Gekko in the original

Michael Douglas at Gordon Gekko in the original "Wall Street." Credit: Andy Schwartz

Blue Star Jets, a private aviation firm founded nine years ago by two Wall Street traders, took its name from a fictional Gordon Gekko takeover target in the 1987 movie “Wall Street.”

When director Oliver Stone was developing the sequel, he learned that Blue Star now really existed, and so now the company is mentioned in the new movie, due out in September, according to Blue Star publicist Norah Lawlor.  Michael Douglas, seen above the 1987 film, reprises his role as Gekko.

“There’s a scene with Charlie Sheen,” said Lawlor, who saw the movie at the Cannes Film Festival. “That’s what they talk about – Blue Star Jets. There’s a big plug in there.”

Blue Star, the real one, is based on Manhattan and run by Hamptons residents Todd Rome and Ricky Sitomer.

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