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Going through hoops for career

Adrienne "Cosmic Swirl" Lojeck, in a photo by

Adrienne "Cosmic Swirl" Lojeck, in a photo by Heather Davis of NeverThereYet Photography. Credit: Heather Davis

Professional “hooper” Adrienne Lojeck, who goes by the name Cosmic Swirl, has embarked on an unusual business: hula hooping.

She calls her enterprise Outta This Whirld Hoop Dance Productions.

In addition to teaching privately and at workshops, she sells custom hula hoops through her website.

"Hoops can be made to suit persons of all sizes and ability levels," Lojeck, of Port Jefferson Station, says on the website.

"Whether you are tall or petite, thin or voluptuous, athletic or just-starting-out, I can adjust the size, weight, and thickness of your hoop to give you a perfect fit! I also make my hoops in a wide range of colors."

Lojeck also sells hoops personalized, or "collaged", with names and photos. Extra-large hoops (diameters over 45 inches) cost more.

Earlier this month she gave a free workshop at the Port Jefferson Library, and she was  profiled in the North Shore Sun, a Rocky Point-based newspaper.

Her library workshop description gives background on her chosen field: "Hooping dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and while it became a 1950s fad today it is a cutting edge contemporary art form, dance style, and fitness technique."

Cosmic Swirl  gives discounts to not-for-profits; her for-profit activities include hooping and giving lessons at "parties, club events, music festivals, fundraisers, school activity days, weddings, meditation gatherings, variety shows, etc."

That's Adrienne "Cosmic Swirl" Lojeck, above left, in a photo by Heather Davis of NeverThereYet Photography.

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