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Google editors’ top apps for 2017

123 Numbers: Count & Tracing was named the

123 Numbers: Count & Tracing was named the 2017 Best Kids app by editors at Google's Play Store. Credit: RV AppStudios

Millions of apps and games were released for mobile devices in 2017, some good, some bad and some great. These four apps were selected as best of the year by editors at Google’s Play Store. (They are all available for iOS, too.) Next week: The top apps as selected by editors at Apple’s App Store.


(iOS, Android; free)

The editors at Google app store picked this popular homework helper as its overall Best App of the year. With Socratic, students use their smartphones to snap a picture of a math problem or other assignment. They will receive a “crowdsourced” answer almost immediately. Google said the app is “cleverly conceived, beautifully designed and wonderfully useful.”


(iOS, Android; free)

Named Most Innovative app of 2017, Qapital is a banking app with a difference. Qapital motivates its users to save money using a “goal-focused approach.” When you hit a goal — for example saving some money by cooking at home instead of going to a restaurant — you transfer the savings to a Qapital account (it is FDIC insured) and watch it grow. You use the collected savings to pay for a set goal, for instance a vacation.

123 Numbers: Count & Tracing

(iOS, Android; free)

An educational app that helps preschoolers learn how to count, 123 Numbers was named Best Kids app by Google Play editors. The app makes learning fun by using excellent graphics and amusing sounds, and parents can customize it for each child. Unlike far too many free apps aimed at kids, 123 Numbers has no ads or in-app purchases.


(iOS, Android; free)

FaceApp was named Most Popular for a simple reason — it was the most downloaded new app of 2017. The app uses artificial intelligence to transform a selfie in a number of ways. You can add a smile or make yourself look older or younger or change your gender. There are several built-in filters that add to the fun.

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