Uber might be one of the hottest brands in the world right now. For starters, the app-based taxi and rideshare company just scored $1.2 billion in fresh financing, putting its valuation at $17 billion. The company has also expanded to major cities across the world, even sparking recent protests from traditional taxi drivers in London and Spain.

In New York City, Uber is approaching ubiquity as more people are are using the company's app to hail a ride in one of Uber's compact cars, sedans, luxury vehicles or SUVs. The app lets you pay the fare, too, using the phone.

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Though the taxi company does not operate on Long Island, and its NYC service won't pick up riders anywhere outside of the city, Uber drivers will take you from pick-up spots inside NYC to Long Island, for a price.

To make the decision easier, we've compiled a list of several locations on Long Island and used the company's fare map to find out just how much it would cost to hire an Uber car to take you there. We chose Penn Station as the starting point, since it is a central place in the city.